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The Sharpshooter is a ranged DPS class in Lost Ark - he relies on his bow and a Hawk to deal damage, dealing damage mostly from medium to long-range. A few close-range abilities are thrown in there for good measure.

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The Sharpshooter comes with some decent abilities for clearing Dungeons solo, some very reliable DPS for Raids (although a lack of party support lets them down somewhat), and the sort of damage/mobility/range that can be deadly in PvP if played correctly. Here's a rundown of those builds.

Looking for a more general class overview of the Sharpshooter? Head over to our Sharpshooter class guide for more info regarding Engravings, mechanics, playstyles, and the pros and cons of everyone's favorite archer.

Updated - We've added a PVE Raid Build for the Sharpshooter.

Sharpshooter PvE Beginner Dungeon Build

This is the simple stuff. You've just hit level 50 and you want a build that will help you clear the first dungeons. Don't worry. You don't need anything too complex to get through your first runs. This build is designed to make the most of the Sharpshooter's great damage, a mix of AoE skills, some Elite-focused abilities, and a simple rotation of abilities, and a pretty straightforward choice between the two class Engravings - Loyal Companion or Death Strike.

Here's a look at a 240(ish) skill point build for your first Dungeon runs and beyond.

Ability Tripod One Tripod Two Tripod Three
Atomic Arrow
  • AoE ranged attack, deals damage twice and knocks enemies down
  • Mid-stagger
Swift Fingers
  • Increases attack speed by 15% (you'll see a fair bit of this, clearing Dungeons is all about speed)
Flaming Gunpowder
  • Explosion inflicts burn damage, DoT (refer to Lightning Arrow, as this transforms this Tripod)
Lightning Arrow
  • Lightning Element. Increases speed by 50%, Electrocution instead of burn from Flaming Gunpowder
Arrow Wave
  • A flying tornado arrow, can hit up to 4 times
  • Changes Element to Water. Frost on enemies, which reduces their move speed by 20% for about 5s, three stacks and the enemy will get frozen (AoE control/massing enemies for your AoE damage)
N/A - open slot for more Skill points (Recommended that you pick up Giant Whirldwind in this slot.) N/A - open slot for more Skill points (Recommended that you pick up Wavestreak in this slot.)
Arrow Shower
  • Multiple arrow AoE attack
  • Low-stagger
Swift Fingers
  • Increases attack speed by 15% (you'll see a fair bit of this, clearing Dungeons is all about speed)
Electrocuting Wave
  • Electrocution - hits multiple enemies
N/A - reserved for more skill points, you can pick up Piercing Arrow in this slot if you have the points
Charged Shot
  • Charge attack that changes depending on the amount of charge
  • Mid-stagger
Quick Preparation
  • Reduces cooldown by 5s
Double Shot
  • Shoots 2 arrows at the same time. Increases outgoing damage by 50%
Fast Fire
  • Range gets longer depending on Charge level, arrow also explodes when it hits its final target for 50% more damage
Moving Slash
  • Move forward a short distance
  • Back attack
Quick Preparation
  • Reduces cooldown by 5s
N/A - You can pick up the Law Of The Jungle Tripod here if you've got extra points N/A - Moving Slash is a pure mobility move, doesn't need an extra Tripod here - focus on damage skills instead!
  • Charged attack with a Perfect Zone meter
  • Mid-high stagger
Quick Preparation
  • Reduces cooldown by 5s
  • Perfect Zone damage is increased by 40%
Easy Prey
  • Increases the size of the Perfect Zone (easier to hit), crit rate is increased by 30% and crit damage is increased by 100% if you hit a perfect shot
Blade Storm
  • Short range attack
  • Back Attack
Ranged Hit
  • AoE radius is increased by 20%, outgoing damage to Challenge or below increased by 30%
Lightning Blade
  • Element Lightning. Extra Lightning attack on last hit, increases attack angle and improves Crit damage of last attack by 150%
N/A - saving skill points here, upgrade with Shadow Dance tripod if you've got the points
Claymore Mine
  • Drop a mine down, knocks enemies back
  • Mid-stagger, Front Attack
Swift Fingers
  • Attack speed increased by 15%
  • Element is now Lightning. Crit rate improved by 15%, also electrocutes enemies
Storm Surge
  • Cone-shaped explosion, longer cooldown (+4s), and extra 100% damage to Challenge or lower enemies

Awakening Skill - Golden Eye. Both Engravings are viable, but Golden Eye often finds itself in Dungeon-clearing builds thanks to its massive AoE output. It's faster than Fenrir's Messenger, the other class Engraving, and doesn't need to be charged up. Instant hit for lots of damage. Can't really go wrong with it.


Here's a look at the recommended best Engravings for this Sharpshooter Dungeon build.

Death Strike
  • Still the most popular class Engraving for the Sharpshooter, though some builds run both (see below), Death Strike provides a big debuff of 40% extra damage taken whenever you hit an enemy with the Last Rush Hawk skill (your Identity skill).
  • You've seen it before, you'll see it again - Grudge's big damage boost of 20% against Boss level mobs and above is pretty much a must-have for Dungeons and beyond.
Cursed Doll
  • Another familiar Engraving, Cursed Doll provides a solid 16% attack power boost at the cost of reduced healing (25%) when you use potions and other items. The tradeoff is worth it.
Keen Blunt Weapon
  • The Sharpshooter, like other Gunner classes, likes Crit damage, especially with the build above. At level 3, Keen Blunt Weapon provides a boost of 50% crit damage. That's massive.
Loyal Companion
  • If you've got the space for a fifth Engraving (you won't at the start, check out our Engravings guide if you need more info on that) then grab the other Sharpshooter class Engraving, Loyal Companion. It provides a solid boost to your Hawk gauge (+30%) as well as extra movement speed and damage.

Both Cursed Doll and Grudge are more important in the late-game Sharpshooter build. They're basically "best in class" Engravings for every class in the game - HOWEVER, they should not be taken in the early game Tier 1 and Tier 2 content because the downsides are massive for new players.

Instead, focus on double-slotting Death Strike with the Sharpshooter. You can place two Engravings on your Character Profile.

Stat Focus For The Sharpshooter Dungeon Build

Stats aren't massively important during your first T1 Dungeons. You can clear a lot of content with a reliable gear set and enough AoE damage. However, to get speedy with your clearances, opt for a Crit focus for your stats. This is because of the Sharpshooter's general inclination toward Crit, especially with their skill Tripods we've listed above.

Later, once you start dishing out stats between different pieces of gear, you want Crit as primary and Specialization as secondary, just to get your Hawk up again and provide debuffs/damage. We cover this in more detail in our Sharpshooter Raid build.

Sharpshooter PvE Raid Build

The Sharpshooter is a reliable Raid class because of its very high-power damage output. You want to focus on a set of skills that revolve around Snipe, which is a massive burst damage ability that can be used to delete Raid bosses. Arrow Wave, Atomic Arrow, and Charged Shot are all important. Here's a closer look at the ideal Raid build for 240-250 skill points (beginner level.)

Ability Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Atomic Arrow Amplified Damage N/A - Added later with extra points N/A - Added later with extra points
Arrow Wave Enhanced Arrow Slow Tide Wave Streak
Moving Slash Excellent Mobility N/A - Added later with extra points N/A - Added later with extra points
Blade Storm Silver Master Lightning Blade Blade Dance
Charged Shot Quick Prep Double Shot Fast Fire
Sharp Shooter Vital Point Hit Weak Point Detection Focus Shot
Deadly Slash Silver Master N/A - Added later with extra points N/A - Added later with extra points
Snipe Quick Prep Weak Point Detection Easy Prey

For Awakening, it's time for Golden Eye again. Lots of AoE damage is good for dealing damage as you move in to deal damage with Blade Storm and the stealth it provides can be good for dodging attacks from the Raid boss. There is some flexibility with this build so play around with what feels good to you.

The important part of playing the Sharpshooter is to maximize your Hawk Meter by using skills like Blade Storm. Because of the Death Strike Class Engraving, the Hawk becomes even more powerful and is a staple part of your damage-dealing ability. You want to apply Last Rush with the Hawk - this provides a massive damage debuff on the raid boss, meaning it takes extra damage for 8 seconds. Follow up with your burst in this window.

Engravings are similar for the Raid build as they are Dungeons - go for Death Strike, Loyal Companion if you have it, and Hit Master as the recommended Combat Engraving to get first with the Sharpshooter.

  • Sharpshooter's have low stagger, which means they aren't great at clearing Raid stagger checks
  • This class is mostly used to deal big damage with a reliable burst window - Snipe and Arrow Wave are essential here

Sharpshooter PvP Build

Coming soon.

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