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The Deadeye, much like the Gunslinger, has access to a rotation of three main weapons - a Pair of Pistols (mobility and utility), Shotguns (damage), and the Sniper Rifle (ranged AoE.) How you utilize these different weapons really impacts Deadeye's playstyle in Lost Ark.

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This build guide covers three separate builds: a Deadeye Dungeon clearing build, a build for Raids, and a build for PvP. Each build is different in terms of stats, Engravings, and abilities.

If you want a more general overview of the Deadeye class, head to our Deadeye class page for more information on playstyles, mechanics, and pros and cons.

Deadeye PvE Dungeon Build

Like our other Dungeon build guides, this is a pretty straightforward, entry-level build for the Deadeye. You don't have to rely too much on stats, Engravings, or abilities, as long as you have some decent gear and at least a few tiered-up AoE abilities.

For this Dungeon build, we rely on the Enhanced Weapon Engraving, which, at level 3, increases your damage when you change stances and improves crit rate. We'll go into more detail on Engravings below.

The Deadeye is all about hitting back attacks with his Shotgun for big crit damage and then rotating out with Pistol and Rifle abilities. The skill build below requires 260 points, though you can mix and match depending on how many skill points you have available.

Ability Tripod One Tripod Two Tripod Three
Sign Of The Apocalypse
  • Shotgun - deals damage twice with a small AoE
  • Back Attack
Stun Effect
  • Increases width of attack angle by 20%, second attack will stun enemies for 2s
Enhanced Shot
  • Increases outgoing damage by 25%
Spiral Flame
  • Launches enemies into the air and sets the ground on fire, inflicting burn
  • Mid-stagger
Quick Aim
  • Aim speed increased by 50%
Shotgun Dominator
  • Three shot attack, last attack knocks down enemies
  • Back attack
  • Mid-stagger
Close Shot
  • Outgoing damage to nearby enemies is increased by 20%
Enhanced Fire
  • Outgoing damage increased by 30%
Master Of CQC
  • Last attack knock-down is removed and holding time is increased, each attack does 40% more damage
AT02 Grenade
  • Explosive AoE Attack
Wide Explosion
  • Increases radius by 20%
Freeze Grenade
  • Changes Element to water, reduces damage by 75%, but now inflicts Freeze on every enemy hit for 3s
Shotgun Rapid Fire
  • Fire three times, pushing enemies back. Nearby enemies receive extra damage
  • Mid-high stagger and Back Attack
Close Shot
  • Outgoing damage to nearby enemies increased by 20%
Enhanced Shot
  • All outgoing damage increased by 25%
Extended Shot
  • Attack speed increased by 30%, adds a combo after the third strike. A combo will trigger a knock down attack that inflicts 60% damage
Spiral Tracker
  • Throws a spinning handgun for up to 10m, hits multiple times
Weakness Exposure
  • On hit, decreases enemy Crit Resistance to all incoming attacks by 10% for 6s
  • AoE attack
  • Back attack
Weakness Exposure
  • On hit, decreases enemy Crit Resistance to all incoming attacks by 10% for 6s
Enemy Raid
  • 360 attack, dealing extra damage to Challenge or lesser enemies by 100%
Vital Point Shot
  • Critical rate increased by 60%
Last Request
  • Large attack that launches enemies into the air
  • Mid-high stagger, Front Attack, Back Attack
Quick Preparation
  • Cooldown reduced by 7s
Massive Explosion
  • Outgoing damage 20%, knocks enemies high into the air and increases the time they're knocked down
  • Fires 3 volleys, increases outgoing damage 80%

Awakening Skill - Bursting Flare. A high-power attack that deals damage multiple times. It deals massive AoE damage and is a very reliable clear for Dungeons. Try and set it up with a freeze/knockdown to maximize how many targets it hits.

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Enhanced Weapon
  • At level 1, changing stances increases crit rate by 20% for 9s. Kind of interesting here - this is one of the few class Engravings you likely won't take to level 3. An increase of 25% and then 30% for level 2 and 3 aren't worth it compared to other higher level Engravings below.
  • Grudge increases all outgoing damage by 20% against Boss level or above monsters, while also reducing incoming damage by 20%. Just an all-around recommended Engraving. You'll find it as a staple for most builds.
Master Of Ambush
  • The Deadeye goes hard with back attacks with the shotgun, so the Master of Ambush Engraving (increases back attack damage by 25% at level 3) works very, very well with this class.
Keen Blunt Weapon
  • A bit like Master of Ambush, Keen Blunt Weapon (increases crit damage by 50% at level 3, but increases chance of dud hits) complements the Deadeye's kit of high crit damage and high crit rate. It also works well with the Enhanced Weapon engraving with this build - so, pretty much another must-have.
Cursed Doll
  • Reliable Engraving that increases attack power by 16% at level 3 and reduces healing from your items by 25%. This is a decent trade-off, especially with the Artillerist who has shield capabilities to reduce incoming damage.

Both Grudge and Cursed Doll are considered advanced Engravings for T3 content. Do not pick these up for your beginner Dungeons and Raids, because they won't be at level 3 and will cause you more pain than success. Instead, with the Deadeye, focus on your Enhanced Weapon class Engraving and pick up Master of Ambush combat engraving if you're leaning heavily into the shotgun version of the build.

If you want to know more about Engravings, check out our Engraving guide.


As we've mentioned before, Stats aren't 100% crucial to a successful Dungeon clearing build with the Deadeye. Just go for a focus in Specialization to get the most out of your Enhanced Weapon class Engraving, and you'll be fine. We go over some more of the advanced stats stuff in our Raid build guide, as this is where things get trickier.


Shotgun, shotgun, shotgun. At this level of Dungeon you just want to use your Shotgun abilities off-cooldown whenever they're available. Rotate with Pistol skills like Equilibrium and Rifle skills like Spiral Flame.

Deadeye Raid PvE Build Guide

The Deadeye is a versatile class because there are some options when it comes to Raid builds. However, there's one that really sticks out as the most popular in the game right now. Because of the weapon rotation, there are a few different skills to think about here. This build requires 240-250 skill points, which is considered an early game build.

Ability - Handgun Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Spiral Tracker Weakness Exposure
AT02 Grenade Weakness Exposure N/A N/A
Enforce Execution Light Footwork N/A N/A
Somersault Shot N/A
Equilibrium N/A
Dexterous Shot N/A
Quick Shot Swift Fingers Initiate Shot Final Light
Cruel Tracker Swift Fingers Rapid Fire Enhancement Explosive Bullet

So, important things to look for in the Handgun section - your pistols are essentially responsible for party-wide buffs/debuffs. For example, Spiral Tracker and AT02 Grenade provide a damage buff to your party that increases everyone's crit rate. Keep popping these skills whenever they come off cooldown.

Ability - Shotgun T1 T2 T3
Sign of Apocalypse Close Shot Enhanced Shot Approached Apocalypse
Shotgun Rapid Fire Close Shot Enhanced Shot Special Bullet
Shotgun Dominator Close Shot Weak Point Detection The Ruler
Last Request Quick Prep N/A N/A

Shotguns are your main source of damage. Make sure you're rotating into the shotgun regularly to get your priority damage off. These abilities are BACK ATTACKS, which means you need to be stood right up behind the boss and blasting your shotguns away.

Ability - Rifle T1 T2 T3
Spiral Flame N/A
Catastrophe N/A
Triple Explosion N/A
Perfect Shot N/A

The rifle skills are last on the damage priority list as they have no Tripods at all in this build, and should only be used as damage alternatives while you wait for debuffs reset on your pistol skills and for your shotgun abilities to come off cooldown.

The overall rotation basically looks like - Pistol stance, apply debuffs (AT02 Grenade and Spiral Tracker), swap to Shotgun to deal back attack damage, then follow-up with filler Rifle abilities until your cooldowns are refreshed. Rinse and repeat.

You've got a choice between the two Awakening skills here - Bursting Flare or Clay Bombardment. Both are viable. Bursting Flare is probably more popular because it's a bit easier to land all the damage, and it has a lot more stagger in comparison.

Deadeye Raid PvP Build Guide

Coming soon.

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