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The Artillerist has some of the chunkiest attacks in Lost Ark - big AoEs that can easily clear a lot of dungeons and other early PvE content with ease. This build guide covers three primary builds: Dungeons, Cubes, Towers, etc, then onto a Raid build, and finally, a PvP Artillerist build.

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This class strikes a balance between tankyness, damage, CC-immunity, and huge AoE clears. The Artillerist's Identity Gauge is called Firepower - when full, you can turn into a turret. Yeah. Really. You usually just make use of the Firepower gauge to increase your damage and crit rate, though. More on that below.

For a more in-depth look at the Artillerist, take a peek at our Artillerist class overview. We cover the different Class Engravings, mechanics, different playstyles, as well as the pros and cons of the class.

Artillerist Firepower Enhancement Dungeon Build

This build guide covers an early Dungeon clearing build for the Artillerist. The class has a bunch of reliable clears with big AoE attacks, and, thanks to the Firepower Enhancement Engraving, lots of Critical Damage chance.

It should be said that a lot of early Chaos Dungeons are quite easy to clear. You don't need to go too in-depth with stats, skills, or even playstyles. As long as you've got some decent gear and enough AoEs you can clear most of the content solo. Cubes are a bit trickier, and you might want to follow the Raid build below for more details.

For now, though, here's a look at a sample build for Dungeon clearing with the Artillerist. This build below uses 284 skill points in total. You can mix and match Tripods to get the skill points down/up to your level.

Ability Tripod One Tripod Two Tripod Three
Enhanced Shell
  • Large attack - pretty much a staple of your damage with a low cooldown
  • Low stagger
Vital Point Bombardment
  • Crit rate increased by 15%
Law Of The Jungle
  • On ability hit, increases damage to Minor and Normal foes by 40% - good for clearing Dungeons
Piercing Shell
  • Bullet will now pierce through multiple enemies
Multiple Rocket Launcher
  • Hits multiple enemies (five rockets in different directions)
  • Mid-high stagger
Flame Rocket
  • Changes attack to Fire, burns foes on hit
Quick Bombardment
  • Increases fire rate, 7 rockets in total, damage increased by 40%
Access Denied
  • Twice as many rockets fired (14 total), and increases damage by 60% (huge AoE clear!)
Summon Turret
  • Summons a turret that attacks enemies for 10s.
Armor Destruction
  • On a hit, it reduces the enemy's defense by 12% for 6s
Enhanced Turret
  • Turret damage increased by 25%
Air Raid
  • Another substantial AoE attack
  • Mid-stagger
  • Attack speed of this ability increased by 30%
Lightning Bombardment
  • Element is Lightning, increases Crit rate by 30%
The Big One
  • Transform this into one HUGE attack, increases damage by 50% and AoE by 67% - extra 140% damage to Push-Immune enemies
  • AoE attack that allows you to move while firing
  • Back attack with mid-high stagger
Quick Prep
  • Reduces cooldown by 4s
  • Creates a shield that absorbs up to 10% of max HP
Blue Flame
  • Changes Element to Water. Reduces to 2s hold time, improves damage by 60%
Energy Field
  • Creates a shield around you that absorbs 40% of damage equal to max HP for 4s
Field Release
  • When you use this skill it will damage enemies nearby
Energy Increase
  • Increases duration of the shield by 4s
Solid Shield
  • Grants Push Immunity while you use the skill/the shield is active
Napalm Shot
  • A large napalm explosion that launches enemies into the air and also sets the ground on fire for 5s
  • Mid-high stagger
Wide Explosion
  • Increases AoE radius by 20%
Flash Explosion
  • Stuns, rather than lifts, the enemies
Homing Barrage
  • AoE Attack that drops an explosion at a targeted location
  • High stagger
Guiding Enhancement
  • Reduces the delay between targeting and the missile explosion

Awakening Skill - Missile Barrage. Missile Barrage is quite popular for PvE Dungeons and later in Raids, mostly because it provides a huge AoE and high stagger. It will also refill your Firepower meter right back to the top due to the sheer amount of damage it does.

That being said, hitting Missile Barrage isn't as easy as it sounds. It has a long charge-up time and a 5 m cooldown, so if you miss it's going to really hurt. You can use the Heavy Turret Awakening if you prefer more sustained/consistent damage.

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Engravings aren't hugely important for clearing Dungeons, so most builds will just share Engravings between Dungeon and Raids. Here's a look at our recommended Engravings for the Artillerist.

Firepower Enhancement
  • Reduces all incoming damage by 30% and increases Crit rate by 25%, 30%, or 35% depending on the level 1-3 of the Firepower gauge.
  • Increases damage by 20% to Boss level or above monsters, reduces incoming damage from Boss level or above monsters by 20%.
Keen Blunt Weapon
  • Increases crit damage by 50% but increases the chance that your regular attacks deal 20% less damage.
Cursed Doll
  • Attack power is increased by 16%, but all incoming healing is reduced by 25%
  • Increases damage to foes while shielding by 16%
  • Barricade works well with the Artillerist's Energy Field as well as Protection runes (if you've got 'em)
  • Keen Blunt Weapon really complements the Artillerist's huge crit rate and burst damage potential (you rely on abilities rather than auto attacks)

Cursed Doll and Grudge are only recommended for late-game builds. The downsides are massive, and you'll only suffer during early game raids and Abyss Dungeons if you go for full Cursed Doll or Grudge. Your first Artillerist build will focus instead on Adrenaline as the main combat Engraving you begin with.

Stat Focus For The Artillerist

Like we mentioned above, much like Engravings, stats aren't massively important during early game Dungeons. To keep it simple, you want to focus on Swiftness and Critical for most Dungeons at this level. These help you clear faster, basically. More complex Stat distribution is important for Raids (we will go into that in our Raid build guide below.)

Combos For The Artillerist In Dungeons

Your main focus with the Artillerist while clearing Dungeons is to use your Energy Field to soak up damage wherever possible, then use Air Raid and Homing Barrage to deal big AoE damage. There isn't anything too fancy here - rotate your cooldowns and continually do attacks. Simple as that, really.

Artillerist PvE Raid Build

This is a PvE Raid build that also uses the Firepower Enhancement Engraving (we did say it was the most popular Engraving.) It requires around 250 skill points to complete, though you can mix and match your point allocation depending on how many skillpoints you've earned.

Ability T1 T2 T3
Napalm Shot Target Focus
Multiple Rocket Flame Rocket Quick Barrage Access Denied
Flamethrower Quick Prep Shield Azure Flame
Air Raid Quickfire Lightning Barrage The Big One
Summon Turret Armor Destruction
Enhanced Shell Firepower Control
Homing Barrage Guiding Enhancement Weak Point Detection Power Bomb
Energy Field Mind Concentration Energy Increase Solid Shield

To cover the basics of some skills here:

  • You should go with the Missile Barrage Engraving as it will change up your identity gauge fully when ever you use it. It can be a bit tricky to hit, especially on some of the Raid bosses that jump around a lot, so be patient with the ability.
  • Summon Turret is actually one of the most useful pieces of kit because it a) has multiple charges for multiple turrets, b) can provide almost consistent Armor Destruction from its first tripod, providing a defense decrease of 12% for 6s.
  • You should pop Energy Field before you start rotating through your cooldowns - it should prevent you getting staggered/mashed around while you're trying to charge up your skills, like Homing Barrage.

In terms of stats, you want to focus on Swiftness and Crit. It really complements the Firepower Enhancement Engraving to go with so much crit rate. Swiftness is just a well-recommended stat for Raids, and it's even better on the Artillerist because he's so chunky and slow.

For Engravings, go for Firepower Enhancement, into Adrenaline, followed up by Engravings like Barricade, Keen Blunt Weapon, and Hit Master.

Lastly, you should swap into your Barrage Mode when it's available, pretty much, but also during a time in the Raid when the boss is relatively static. It's no use swapping to your huge turret if the boss is about to disappear over the nearest mountain.

Artillerist PvP Build

Coming soon.

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