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The Gunslinger is a versatile class with a lot of powerful builds for both Lost Ark's PvE and PvP. In our class overview for the Gunslinger, we covered a variety of different mechanics and playstyles. For this build guide, we'll go over two or three key builds for PvE and PvP.

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To understand the Gunslinger we'll briefly go over some big archetypes of the class: you change between three weapons, shotguns, pistols, and a rifle, you have a lot of mobility and AoE but are generally pretty squishy.

Head to our Lost Ark Gunslinger class overview for more information about class mechanics, playstyles, and pros and cons.

Gunslinger Time To Hunt PvE Build - Dungeons

This is a Time To Hunt PvE build designed to clear early Chaos Dungeons. This is the type of content that the Gunslinger can easily solo with the right build thanks to loads of high damage, high impact AoE abilities. We've opted for the Time To Hunt Engraving here to make the most of the Pistol's mobility and the Sniper's high-damage ranged AoE clear - this can wipe out waves of enemies with a single ability. Pretty powerful.

Both Engravings are fine, by the way: Lost Ark is a very balanced game and there are suitable builds for both Class Engravings.

Alright, on to the build. This is a 240-point Time To Hunt build. It really makes use of AoE, stuns, freezes, and critical damage.

Ability Tripod One Tripod Two Tripod Three
Spiral Flame
  • A powerful bullet that launches enemies into the air and sets ground on fire
  • Mid stagger and super armor Paralysis
Quick Aim
  • Aiming speed increased by 50%
Kill Confirmation
  • Bullet critical rate increased by 60% to foes with less than 50% HP
Target Down
  • Sniper stance with 3 bullets that lasts for a few seconds
  • Mid stagger, super armor Paralysis
N/A - Tripods added later with more Skillpoints N/A - Tripods added later with more Skillpoints N/A - Tripods added later with more Skillpoints
AT02 Grenade
  • Big AoE attack
Wide Explosion
  • Increases the explosion radius by 20%. Freeze more!
Freeze Grenade
  • Outgoing damage is reduced by 75%, but it freezes foes. This lets you get off a big hit with your Sniper abilities.
Spiral Tracker
  • Spinning attack, but mostly this is for the Weakness Exposure Tripod.
Weakness Exposure
  • When you hit an enemy with this ability, their crit resistance is reduced by 10% from ALL party members for 12s
Bullet Rain
  • Attack that lasts over 2s
  • Low stagger, back attack
Vital Point Shot
  • Critical rate increased by 20%
Rapid Fire
  • Duration increased by 3s and a damage boost of 60%
Quick Prep
  • Tier 3 Quick Prep gives you 30% chance for every enemy hit for the ability to be instantly reset. THIS IS SO POWERFUL.
Dexterous Shot
  • 6m of movement, can be used up to twice in a row, deals damage around you
  • Back attack
Agile Movement
  • Increases attack speed by 10%
  • AoE attack that covers a wide area
  • Back attack
Weakness Exposure
  • When you hit an enemy with this ability, their crit resistance is reduced by 10% from ALL party members for 12s
Enemy Raid
  • Makes the ability a 360-attack, Challenge or below enemies take 100% more damage
Vital Point Shot
  • Increases crit rate by 60%
Focused Shot
  • Three part attack with big damage and a move speed debuff of 80% for enemies, making follow-up abilities easier to hit
Quick Aim
  • Decreases time needed to aim
  • Last hit of 3 stuns foes for 3s
Quick Finish
  • After you finish aiming, inflict Kill Confirmation - increases damage by 150%

Awakening Skill - High Caliber HE Bullet. This massive AoE attack is a very reliable clear for Dungeons, Towers, Cubes, etc. Align this with the freeze from your AT02 grenade or the stun from Focused Shot and you can reliably hit the majority of enemies within an area. Great for clearing Elites as well.


Here's a look at the recommended Engravings for this build.

Time To Hunt
  • Crit rate increased by 30% for Pistol and Sniper skills. You can no longer access the Shotgun stance.
  • Damage increased by 20% to Boss level or above monsters, incoming damage taken from Boss level or above monsters decreased by 20%.
  • 16% Attack Speed in Handgun stance, 10% damage to enemies and additional damage to targets with 50% or less HP. This is the Gunslinger's other class Engraving - some builds will take both Class Engravings because of the damage boost from Peacemaker and the crit rate from Time To Hunt.
Keen Blunt Weapon
  • 50% increased crit damage, but regular attacks have a chance to deal 20% less damage.
Cursed Doll
  • Attack power increased by 16%, but overall incoming healing reduced by 25%.

Grudge and Cursed Doll are pretty much reserved for Tier 3 content because of their drastic downsides. They are best-in-class for later in the game (when you hit Tier 3 content and that extra damage is essential, but also when you have a better understanding of boss fight mechanics). Until then, focus on your Class Engraving first (whichever one you pick), and then on one combat engraving - we recommend Hit Master for the Peacemaker Gunslinger build and Peacemaker for the Time To Hunt Build.

Stats For The Time To Hunt PvE Gunslinger Build

For the Time To Hunt build you should focus on Swiftness as a priority (repositioning is key for the long-range AoE clears) with a secondary focus on Specialty.

Combos With The Time To Hunt Gunslinger In PvE

So, there are a few hard-hitting Gunslinger combos with this build. You're aiming for a transition from the freeze of the AT02 Grenade into a powerful AoE, like Bullet Rain. However, you've also got options like:

  • ​​​​Spiraling Tracker - Equilibrium - Rifle - Focused Shot - Perfect Shot - Pistol - Equilibrium.

As you can see, the Gunslinger's combos rely on rotating Pistol/Rifle rotations in the Time To Hunt build, maximizing cooldowns, debuffs, and damage. Getting used to the rotation is just the start of mastering Gunslinger - next comes mobility and repositioning for back attacks, but you'll find more of that in the Peacemaker build.

Gunslinger Raid Peacemaker Build

The Gunslinger is a very, very powerful class in Raids because of their high mobility and high crit damage. Stay behind the boss and cause havoc. That's all there is to it. This build makes use of the Time To Hunt Engraving, although there are Raid builds for BOTH Class Engravings. We will cover the Peacemaker Engraving in a later guide update. For now, this build requires 250 skill points and should see you through most of the T1 content alongside the Dungeon Time To Hunt build above.

Ability - Pistols T1 T2 T3
Spiral Tracker Weakness Exposure N/A N/A
AT02 Magick Control N/A N/A
Quick Step Life Absorption N/A N/A
Meteor Stream N/A N/A N/A
Equilibrium Weakness Exposure N/A N/A
Dexterous Shot Weakness Exposure Excellent Mobility N/A
Peacekeeper Excellent Mobility N/A N/A
Bullet Rain Ambush Rapid Fire Flame Shot
Ability - Rifle T1 T2 T3
Catastrophe Quick Aim Concussion N/A
Perfect Shot Stable Stance Kill Confirmation Enhanced Shot
Focused Shot Quick Aim Double Tap Quick Finish
Target Down Quick Aim Large Magazine Steady Aim

As you can see, this build puts a lot of focus on upgrading those Rifle skills. This is because they provide some seriously impressive damage from range. The main aim of this build is to constantly keep hitting the boss with Equilibrium and Dexterous Shot to provide that Weakness Exposure debuff (reduces defenses), rotating out into your rifle skills to deal max damage. Use Catastrophe for stagger, then rotate through the three other Rifle skills for damage.

This is a pretty simple rotation of Pistol into Rifle. It's not too complicated to play, but it feels great, especially because of the Gunslinger's ability to reposition so easily around the boss. This becomes really important with some other harder raids and Abyss Dungeon bosses.

You've got a few options for stats, though we tend to focus on Swiftness and Spec on the Gunslinger for even more increased mobility and cooldown reduction. That being said, if you want to do raw damage, dump everything you can into Crit as a priority.

For Engravings, focus on your class Engraving (Time To Hunt here) then into Peacemaker, the other Class Engraving. It's a nice balance between the two. Later in the game you want to dive into Keen Blunt Weapon for extra crit damage and Adrenaline for extra crit rate.

Gunslinger PvP Build

Coming soon.

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