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Soulfist is a well-balanced class in Lost Ark's PvE with huge burst damage potential. The class is also viable in PvP with plenty of mobility and a set of skills that can be hard to master.

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This build guide goes in-depth with two of the most popular Soulfist set-ups. We've got the heavy-hitting PvE Robust Spirit burst build and the high-mobility PvP build.

For a full class overview of Soulfist, please check out our Soulfist class guide. We go into detail about Class Engravings, mechanics, and general playstyles.

Soulfist Robust Spirit PvE Build - Dungeons

This is a 284-point PvE build that makes use of the Robust Spirit Class Engraving. At level 3, Robust Spirit increases overall damage by 35% while you're in Hype mode (full energy) and you recover energy 200% faster. This build relies heavily on rotating out of your Hype mode to deal maximum burst damage with World Decimation, your powerful Awakening skill.

Ability Tripod One Tripod Two Tripod Three
Energy Blast
  • Charged up AoE attack with the capability to knock foes back.
  • Mid to high stagger with Paralysis super armor
Weak Point Detection
  • Increases damage against Push-Immune foes by 25%
  • When you charge this ability you'll become push-immune.
Fist Of Fury
  • Charge up is extended and damage is increased by 80%
Crippling Barrier
  • AoE slow with a hold that can deal damage over multiple hits, adding a move speed and attack speed debuff to enemies.
  • Mid stagger, Paralysis super armor
Sturdy Armor
  • While you hold this skill all incoming damage is reduced by 30%
Hard Hitter
  • Energy cost is increased by 20%, but Barrier damage increased by 10% per each hit (up to 11 individual hits)
Keen Judgment
  • Charge up skill which you can release to pull foes within a short range, 40% of max charge damage inflicted
Magnetic Palm
  • Jump forward, deal damage x3, then release the charge to send enemies into the air.
  • Mid stagger, back attack, Paralysis super armor
Sturdy Armor
  • While you hold this skill all incoming damage is reduced by 20%
Tempest Blast
  • AoE damage attack with a cone shape
Song Of Time
  • Stuns enemies for 3 seconds on hit
Energy Explosion
  • AoE attack width increased by 30%
  • Increases attack distance by 4m, Named or higher enemies take 100% more damage
Merciless Pummel
  • Multi-attack, can change direction between attacks
  • Low stagger, back attack, super armor Paralysis
Hard Hitter
  • Energy cost increased by 20% and overall outgoing damage increased by 20%
  • Adds two extra attacks to last hit, deals 50% skill damage
Double Up
  • Creates an after-image that deals 100% damage, increases cooldown by 5s
Force Orb
  • Knock down attack (wave attack)
Quick Prep
  • Cooldown reduced by 4s
Powerful Wave
  • Increases power of the attack, damage plus 40%
Scattering Wave
  • 3 separate waves in a cone shape, 110%+ total damage
Flash Step
  • Movement ability with a knock-up, combo to activate 2 more times, cooldown increased and energy consumption increased per use
Excellent Mobility
  • Increases move distance by 2m
Victory Shout
  • Increases attack power by 10% for 3s
Deadly Finger
  • 2m backwards dodge inflicting damage to airborne foes +30%
  • Back attack, low stagger
Wide Strike
  • AoE radius increased by 20%
Burning Hands
  • Element Fire. Burns foe. Inflicts damage every tick for 7s

Awakening Skill - World Decimation. Deals massive AoE damage after 3 seconds. This is difficult to hit on single-targets, especially Raid bosses, but timed right with your level 3 Hype Mode, and you'll deal massive damage. Great at clearing Dungeons.


This is a sample loadout of Engravings for the Robust Spirit/World Decimation PvE Build for the Soulfist.

Robust Spirit Class Engraving: When using Hype, you will enter level 3 immediately. While in Hype mode, you recover energy 200% faster and have an overall damage increase of 35%.
Spirit Absorption Attack and move speed increased by 15%.
Awakening Awakening Skill Cooldown reduced by 50%, +3 Maximum uses at Level 3.
Grudge Damage increased by 20% to Boss level or above. Incoming damage reduced by 20% from Boss or level or above.
Cursed Doll Attack power increased by 16%, incoming healing reduced by 25%

Please note that both Grudge and Cursed Doll are only recommended for T3 content. You need to get both Engravings to level 3 for them to be worth it, otherwise, the downsides are just crippling for a new player. For example, a level one Grudge engraving increases your outgoing damage by 4% but increases the damage you take by 20%. It's just not worth it! For the Soulfist, focus on the Robust Spirit Engraving first and then into Awakening to boost that Awakening skill power.


You're aiming for a split of Specialty and Crit spread out over your accessories. Focus on Specialization to begin with - this increases the impact of your Hype Mode, which this build relies heavily on. Then go into Crit as a secondary stat.

  • You want Necklaces and Earrings that split Spec/Crit.
  • Rings that Split Agility/Spec or Crit/Spec

Combos With Soulfist In PvE

While waiting for cooldowns on your World Decimation Awakening ability, you're aiming for a combo of Flash Step to engage, Force Orb to knock down, and Deadly Finger to follow up with damage.

Alternatively, Magnetic Palm into Deadly Finger for airborne damage. You're essentially looking to deal damage to your opponents when buffs apply - so the extra damage from Deadly Finger to airborne foes should be used for whenever enemies are knocked into the air.

Soulfist PvE Raid Build Guide

The Soulfist is a powerful Raid class, but it can feel pretty hard to get to grips with. The class has huge damage potential but actually hitting that damage is another matter. Again, both Class Engravings are viable, but we're focusing on Robust Spirit again here for this build. This build is an entry-level build for T1 raids and content - it requires 250 skill points to put together.

Ability T1 T2 T3
Pulverizing Palm (7) Excellent Mobility Ready Attack
Lightning Palm (7) Prepared Attacker
Heavenly Squash (4) Hard Hitter Burning Hands
Flash Step (4) Excellent Mobility
Shadowbreaker (10) Predator Weak Point Detection 6th Sense
Force Orb (10) Quick Prep Powerful Wave Scattering Wave
Merciless Pummel (10) Hard Hitter Coldhearted Double Up
Energy Release (10) Fighting Spirit Energy Release Ready Attack
  • With the Robust Spirit Engraving you want to be in Hype Level 3 almost constantly, or whenever you are able to.
  • A good combo for your Awakening is Hype 3 - Energy Release - World Decimation.

World Decimation is your go-to Awakening skill with this build. It's easily one of the highest-power single-target abilities in the game and so works perfectly when you're trying to chunk down a boss. However, it's got a long, long charge time. It's a good idea to a) wait for the boss to be knocked down/staggered, b) executed when you're certain that the boss isn't about to do a double backflip out of the way.

For stats, focus on Crit & Speciality. Speciality boosts your Awakening damage and cooldown reduction, and crit provides consistent damage throughout the rest of your kit.

For Engravings focus on: Awakening & Robust Spirit. Awakening is a Class Engraving that reduces the cooldown of your World Decimation, a very important and powerful bit of the Soulfist's kit. Robust Spirit is the focus for your class Engraving.

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