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The Striker might be considered one of the more PvP-centric classes in the game, but Lost Ark is primarily a PvE title, and the Striker performs very well in Raids and clearing Dungeons.

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There are a few different ways to play the Striker and builds that reflect that - mostly choices between the two class Engravings, Deathblow and Esoteric Flurry. These build guides cover builds for both Engravings, and for clearing Dungeons, defeating Raids, and later, a PvP build.

For more information regarding the Striker's overall kit, mechanics, playstyle, pros, cons, and much more, check out our Striker class overview.

Striker Raid Build - Deathblow Engraving

First up, is the Deathblow Striker Raid build. This is a fairly popular build that plays into the Striker's main strengths - lots of burst damage. However, the Striker has a few tricky mechanics, including a big drop off in damage if you don't land your abilities, as well as important positional play to make use of the class' back attack bonus.

Here's a look at a sample Raid build for the Striker at 250 skill points - essentially an entry-level tier 1 build. Some abilities and tripods can be mixed and matched where you see fit.

Ability T1 T2 T3
Triple Fist Esoteric Extortion
Sky Shattering Blow Excellent Mobility
Moon Flash Kick White Flame Kick Excellent Mobility Full Moon Kick
Storm Dragon Awakening Excellent Mobility
Swift Wind Kick Lightning Round Kick Swift Footwork Furious Spin Axis
Lightning Whisper Lightning's Blessing Quick Prep Fatal Lightning
Sweeping Kick Weak Point Detection Light of Justice Pure Excellence
Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike Quick Prep Weak Point Detection Consecutive Kick

Both Awakenings are valid on the Soulfist in any type of content you're trying to clear. Are you trying to clear an Abyss Dungeon and the boss requires a deep stagger check? Go for Explosive Heat Awakening. If you prefer a quicker animation time with no sacrifices to damage, go for True Heavenly Awakening. It's a good idea to play around with both and see what you like more - they're pretty balanced.

  • You can interchange Lightning Tiger Strike and Tiger Emerges for your main Esoteric skill - these are great for dealing big burst damage to single targets, the sort of targets you'll encounter in Raids.
  • Lightning Whisper is a powerful ability to buff yourself and your party members with some extra speed, but it's also a good generator of your energy/elemental orb meter (thanks to Lightning's Blessing and Fatal Lightning Engravings).

The main playstyle of the Deathblow Striker is to generate up to 4 elemental orbs in your gauge and then deal damage with the Esoteric skills (Lightning Tiger Strike, Tiger Emerges). You generate orbs by hitting the boss with abilities like Sky Shattering Blow and Moon Flash Kick while also dodging and weaving around attack animations/incoming attacks.

You'll see a lot of guides and build guides mention Grudge and Cursed Doll - these are fantastic Engravings, but you shouldn't use them until a) you are familiar with endgame content at a higher tier (Raid and Boss mechanics are unforgiving in Lost Ark), b) have them both maxed out to level 3. These Engravings cause more harm than good at their lower levels/lower tiers.

To begin with, focus on these Striker Engravings in priority order:

  • Deathblow Class Engraving - It's always a good idea to prioritize your class engraving. These are the changes and tweaks that drastically impact how your class feels to play. At level 3, Deathblow increases your Elemental Orb generation and increases your outgoing damage by 35% per consumed orb. Huge!
  • Master Of Ambush - Master Of Ambush is a must-have for the Striker - it increases back attack damage by 25% at its highest level. The Striker relies heavily on back attacks. Put the two together, and you have a perfect pairing.
  • Keen Blunt Weapon - Keen Blunt Weapon is an all-around popular Engraving in Lost Ark because of its great boosts to crit. You will deal more damage with KBW. It's that simple.
  • Adrenaline
  • Spirit Absorption

In terms of stats, Strikers typically head down Specialization and Crit. Specialization is a big performance enhancer for those Esoteric skills, and it will also help you fill up your Orbs more quickly. More orbs, more damage. The Striker is pretty straightforward in this regard but has a fairly technical playstyle that won't feel straightforward in the slightest.

Striker Dungeon Clearing Build

Coming soon.

Striker PvP Build

Coming soon.

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