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Lost Ark is an MMO ARPG from developers Smilegate RPG and published by Amazon. It has been fully released in Korea since 2018 with a follow-up release in Russia and Japan. The game broke Steam records and hit almost 1.2m concurrent players during its Western launch.

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So what is Lost Ark? It's an ARPG mixed with an MMO. Diablo meets Path of Exile, meets World of Warcraft, and pretty much every other MMO ever released. It has everything: fishing, crafting, raids, PvP, PvE, alt characters, a huge world, mounts, pets, and even a Clash of Clans-style island-building mini-game. This hub guide page covers everything you need to know about the game ahead of its release.

Lost Ark Patch Notes

General FAQs

  • Will my country be included in the full release? The game is available in North America, Europe, and South America. Amazon does not have the right to publish in India and there are currently no plans to introduce any dedicated servers in the Oceanic region.
  • Does Lost Ark require a subscription? No, Lost Ark is free-to-play. There is a Premium Membership Subscription available, as well as Founder's Packs. Check out our full Founder's Pack guide here.
  • Are there microtransactions in Lost Ark? Yes, though Amazon has stated that they want to bring the game's micro transactions more in line with "western expectations" - hopefully eliminating pay-to-win purchases.
  • Does Lost Ark have a Battle Pass? Yes, in the Korean version of the game there is a Battle Pass split between three tiers: free, paid, and premium. According to the pricing for KR, the tiers cost nothing, $20, and $50. The top tier is all cosmetic items. This is currently not available in the Western version of the game.
  • Is Lost Ark available on consoles? Lost Ark is currently only available on PC, via Steam.
  • Can you play Lost Ark with a controller? Yes. Check out our controller guide for more information.

What Classes Are Available In Lost Ark?

The classes for the NA/EU launch are going to be slightly different from the Korean and Russian versions. Below is a table list of all the available classes for the Western launch. Hit the link to jump to a detailed class overview covering mechanics, play styles, and sample builds.

MORE CLASS INFORMATION: An Overview Of Every Class In Lost Ark

Class Build Guides

We have also put together a selection of builds for each of the Lost Ark classes. These include Raid builds, Dungeon builds, and builds for PvP.

What Is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is an MMOARPG - a game that fuses several well-known genres into a complete package. It's a top-down, isometric ARPG with endgame PvE activities, PvP arenas, and timed daily and weekly content. You can sail a ship to explore new islands, work on your Stronghold, or spend your time maxing trade skills and playing the market at the auction house.

Leveling takes place over the course of a 15-20 hour story, comprised of a variety of quests, dungeons, and cinematic set-pieces. Once you've hit level 50, the end of the original level arc, there are three tiers of content available in the endgame: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. All three tiers will be available at launch in the NA/EU version of the game. The max level has been extended to level 60. Once you're at max, so begins the iLevel grind, essentially your gear score.

Endgame activities involve raiding, dungeons, global events, PvP, collectibles, completing daily and weekly missions, and leveling up alts. Alts aren't necessary to enjoy Lost Ark, although they're great if you want to maximize your daily gold (you can run daily and weeklies on your alts) as well as to try out some more of the game's classes.

Getting Started In Lost Ark - Beginner's Basics

This section will be expanded on ahead of the game's full release. It will include class guides, build guides, PvE guides, and more. This section is designed to help new players get started in Lost Ark - a game that is huge and daunting for fresh mokokos.

World & Island Guides - Mokoko Locations, Secrets, And More

This section is dedicated to our growing collection of world guides, for Mokoko Seeds, Secret Locations, and more.

Life Skills - Best Farming Routes

Lost Ark Endgame Guides - Advanced Builds, Dungeons, And More

Looking for a head start with all of Lost Ark's endgame content? We've got you covered in these guides covering activities you can do once hit you level 50 and beyond.

Guardian Raid Guides

Chaos Dungeon Guides

Abyss Dungeon Guides

General Endgame Guides

Endgame FAQs

  • How do you get your Awakening skill? Complete quests in North Vern and return to Ealyn. Then fast travel to Trixion with the Song of Trixion and talk to Beatrice.
  • How do you get your Power Pass? The first Power Pass is acquired in North Vern, too. Speak to Ealyn.
  • How do you get Pirate Coins? The easiest way to get pirate coins is to complete quests on Blackfang's Den and Freedom Isle, two islands to the east of Luterra. Coins are also earned through completing Dispatches from your Stronghold and by exchanging other currencies.
  • How do you get the Song of Minuet and the Song of Resonance? The Song of Resonance is purchased from the Peyto Island ship for 16,000 Pirate Coins. This is then used during the Lullaby Island event three separate times to unlock the Song of Minuet, which is then used to complete the Dreamgull Island quest.
  • Should you dismantle or sell items? Dismantle everything and then sell the dust. Higher-tier items also have a chance to return crafting mats, which you'll need to hone your gear.

For more information about leveling through Tier 1, check out our Tier 1 endgame guide. You can also check out our entire FAQ list here for more information and simple answers.

Lost Ark Coverage

This section covers our news coverage and features in the build-up to the full release of Lost Ark.

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