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Your character in Lost Ark is controlled mostly with your mouse, for both moving and attacking. At the start of the game, you get to pick whether you want to use right-click to move or to attack. Either works just fine, but you might want to change depending on your past experience with ARPGs.

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Depending on how it plays, you might want to change it back or experiment with the other style. Lost Ark's menu is a little obtuse and the mouse controls aren't where you expect them to be. Here's how to change your controls.

How To Change Your Mouse Controls In Lost Ark

Changing your mouse controls is very simple:

  • Hit Esc.
  • Click on Settings (bottom right corner).
  • Click Hotkeys, then Basic Controls.
  • Check or uncheck "Attack with right-click."
  • Save.

Here's a step-by-by step picture guide.

First, navigate to Hotkeys.

Next, click on Basic Controls and then "Right-click attack."

You can change it back whenever you like. This is also where you can remap your ability keys, as well as your movement or interact keys. The game has a lot of customizable options for remaps, akin to something like League of Legends. Try out some of the different key/button options to see what suits you best.


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