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Pets are one of the largest quality of life improvements you can take advantage of in Lost Ark. They follow you around wherever you go, automatically grabbing any loo that drops on the ground. They can also access your storage remotely, send mail from anywhere, and even give you small combat buffs.

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Compared to the Korean and Russian versions of Lost Ark, the western release has made some tweaks to make pets accessible to everyone and to remove pay-to-win elements. This guide will cover what pets actually do for you, how to obtain them, and every combat perk they can obtain.

Updated February 23, 2022: Looking to have a pet by your side while you roam the world of Lost Ark? We've updated this article to include a video guide further illustrating how to get your own critter.

Why You Should Own A Pet

While a pet is active, any loot that drops on the ground will automatically be placed into your inventory. That's the main reason to own one, although pets have additional boons like combat buffs and additional storage space. The auto-loot aspect of pets is core functionality you'll find on all pets, paid for or otherwise. Combat perks and other utility effects require a Crystalline Aura subscription.

Note: Crystalline Aura costs Crystals in the cash shop, meaning you can obtain these additional benefits for free.

How To Get A Pet

There are three ways of obtaining a pet in Lost Ark:

  1. An early-game quest.
  2. In-game events.
  3. Lost Ark's cash shop.
    1. Founder Packs also include an exclusive pet.

All players can get an Epic-quality pet for free by completing the "[Guide] Learning About Pets" quest. Make your way to the Working Achatemeow NPC located at the center of Prideholme to start the quest. It serves as a short tutorial on how pet auto-looting works. If you missed this quest, there's also a Guide quest unlocked at level 50 that grants a walking egg pet when completed.

Once you have a pet, press "Alt + P" to open up the pet menu. You can use this menu to summon any pets you own, allowing them to auto-loot nearby items and grant additional buffs if you have Crystalline Aura active.

Should you dislike the pet bunny from the starter quest, you can obtain additional pets by completing limited-time events or by purchasing a pet in the cash shop. Pets purchased this way cost Royal Crystal, Lost Ark's premium currency. All Lost Ark Founder's Packs also contain a pet.

Pet Perks And Rerolling

Every pet in Lost Ark comes with two combat effects, listed in-game as "Pet Effects." One effect is defensive in nature, while the other is based on increasing your damage output. These effects are randomly rolled when you first obtain the pet.

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If your pet doesn't have the stats you want, you can reroll pet effects at the Working Achatemeow NPC in Prideholme. Each reroll costs seven Crystals—one of Lost Ark's free currencies—and you'll be given one of three options to replace your effect with. The magnitude of each buff is also randomly rolled.

All Pet Effect Bonuses

Below is a table of every offensive and defensive buff your pet can obtain in Lost Ark. The magnitude of the buff is also randomly rolled. Each reroll costs seven Crystals.

Offensive Defensive
Crit: +2-10% Max HP: +1-5%
Specialization: +2-20% Phy. Defense: +2-10%
Domination: +2-10% Mag. Defense: +2-10%
Swiftness: +2-10% Phy. Damage Reduction: +1-5%
Endurance: +2-10% Mag Damage Reduction: +1-5%
Expertise: +2-10%

Crystalline Aura Pet Benefits

Players that have the Crystalline Aura buff active can access additional benefits with each of their pets. Those effects are the following:

  • An offensive and defensive buff for your character.
  • A secondary inventory carried by your pet.
  • Remote access to storage, the auction house, and mail.
  • Allows you to repair your trade tools and standard gear from anywhere.

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