There are many progression systems in Lost Ark, and players have multiple ways of upgrading and customizing their characters in the end game. While Lost Ark does a good job of avoiding feature creep and keeping the systems simple and achievable, optimizing the end game stats of a character can seem overwhelming for new players.

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Card decks are an important system in Lost Ark. There are 27 card sets and all of them have relevant bonuses that can help you in different situations. But knowing the best ones to collect and upgrade can save you a lot of time in the end game.

10/10 Field Boss II

  • Deck Size: Seven
  • Cards: Maneth (Rare), Tarsila (Rare), Sol Grande (Rare), Brealeos (Rare), Aporas (Rare), Kagros (Rare), Adrinne (Rare)

Each card in the set corresponds to a world boss, and you can collect the set by defeating each of these bosses, or completing the zone achievements. Some cards are guaranteed drops and some need some grinding, but in the end, the Field Boss II card set is worth the time and effort to collect.

Each two cards in this set, will give your character four percent maximum hit points, increasing to 12 percent with the six set bonus. You don't need to awaken these cards for the main bonus, so you can get the benefits pretty early on, and you can easily mix and match some cards of this set with other decks.

9/10 Farewell, Weapon

  • Deck size: Six
  • Cards: Vanquisher (Rare), Velcruze (Epic), Parkunas (Epic), Spear of Annihilation (Rare), Fjorgin (Epic), Navinos (Epic)

The Farewell, Weapon set can be harder to collect, but some players, especially completionists, will get some of these cards by the end game as they require getting 100 percent completion in certain zones and completing the main quest lines.

This set has similar bonuses to the Field Boss II set, and gives you four percent max HP for every two cards in the set, without needing to be awakened. In addition, if you have partially collected each of these two sets, you can use them together for the same HP bonus as their bonuses are applied with every two pieces.

8/10 Fate Of The Lazeniths

  • Deck Size: Two
  • Cards: Beatrice (Legendary), Allegro (Epic)

This card set is a great option both defensively and offensively, and it can be used in many builds as it only has two pieces. Beatrice card can be obtained in abyssal dungeons or the rapport quest, and Allegro card can be found in Sunbright Hill.

The set gives a five percent elemental damage reduction without awakenings, a two percent elemental damage increase at four awakenings, and at ten awakenings, your attacks have a chance of granting 24 percent elemental damage for eight seconds. For only two cards, the Fate Of The Lazeniths set offers great offensive and defensive benefits, and it's worth the effort to collect and upgrade them.

7/10 Guardian's Roar

  • Deck size: Seven
  • Cards: Lumerus (Epic), Ur'nil (Epic), Icy Legoros (Epic), Dark Legoros (Epic), Chromanium (Epic), Nacrasena (Epic), Caliligos (Epic)

Collecting this set is part of the daily grind once you get to level 50 since they drop from different guardian raids. It might take a while to get the full set and the awakenings, but the bonuses are considerable and worth the grind.

The set offers an eight percent fire damage reduction for each two pieces, up to 25 percent at six set bonus without any awakenings. After 12 awakenings, the set grants a four percent crit rate, and at 30 awakening, it changes your damage type to water. The Guardian's Roar set is a great option against enemies that use fire damage.

6/10 Scene Stealer

  • Deck size: Six
  • Cards: Avele (Epic), Jederico (Epic), Habeck (Epic), Scherrit (Epic), Enviska (Epic), Kalmaris (Epic)

Avele and Jederico are obtained from rapport quests of the characters, Scherrit and Kalmaris are rewarded by completing certain achievements, and Enviska can be bought from your stronghold's trade merchants. Cards of this set are collected in different ways, and it can take a while to find and upgrade the whole set, but at the end, the bonuses are worth the effort.

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The set offers an eight percent water damage reduction for every two piece without awakenings, up to 25 percent. At 12 awakenings, it grants a four percent bonus to attack power, and at 30 awakenings, it changes your damage type to lightning. The Scene Stealer is another great set with defensive bonuses at the beginning, and strong offensive bonuses when completed and enhanced.

5/10 Kazeros's Legion Commanders

  • Deck size: Six
  • Cards: Valtan (Legendary), Akkan (Legendary), Vykas (Legendary), Brelshaza (Legendary), Thaemine (Legendary), Kakul-Saydon (Legendary)

This card set is one of the hardest collections to acquire and level up. Most of the cards are drops from the Legion raids or rewards for certain achievements. But the unique and powerful bonuses are intriguing for many characters.

The set offers ten percent to holy damage reduction for every two pieces without awakening, up to 30 percent. At 12 awakenings, it changes your damage type to dark, and at 18 and 30 awakenings, it increases your dark damage by up to 15 percent. This set's bonuses are both very powerful and flavorful, as they represent the main villains of the game and grant you a portion of their powers.

4/10 Light Of Salvation

  • Deck size: Seven
  • Cards: Shandi (Legendary), Azena and Inanna (Legendary), Nineveh (Legendary), Kadan (Legendary), Belthorr (Legendary), Thirain (Legendary), Wai (Legendary)

This card set is almost the exact opposite of Kazeros's Legion Commanders set. The Light of Salvation cards represent the main heroes of the world, and they can be mostly collected by doing abyssal dungeons and rapport quests with the main characters.

This set offers the opposite of the bonuses offered by Kazeros's Legion Commanders set. Up to 30 percent dark damage reduction, changing damage type to holy at 12 awakenings, and increasing holy damage by up to 15 percent at 18 and 30 awakenings. These bonuses are great for legion raids and other end game content.

3/10 Lostwind Cliff

  • Deck size: Six
  • Cards: Armen (Legendary), Seria (Rare), Solas (Common), King Thirain (Legendary), Kharmine (Legendary), Delain Armen (Legendary)

The legendary cards in this set are obtainable through abyssal dungeons, and King Thirain's card can also be rewarded by doing his rapport quests. Seria's card can be bought from wandering merchants, and Solas' card is a reward for finishing the main quest line in East Luterra.

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The Lostwind Cliff set offers similar bonuses to the Light of Salvation set, but you can collect it relatively easier, making it a good option to start with. The set grants up to 25 percent holy damage reduction without awakening, a seven percent crit rate at 12 awakening, and 3.5 percent holy damage for you and your allies at 30 awakening.

2/10 We'll Meet Again

  • Deck size: Three
  • Cards: Madnick (Epic), Vrad (Rare), Sian (Rare)

We'll Meet Again is one of the most recommended sets for every character, and it's a relatively easy set to complete. All the cards are rewarded by doing zone dungeons and quests in Shushire, the northern region of the world.

The set gives you -12 percent damage taken while at half hp or lower. This damage reduction increases by another 16 percent at nine awakening, and at 15 awakening, it heals you for five seconds when you fall below 20 percent hp. We'll Meet Again is a great defensive deck that makes timing and positioning mistake much less punishing.

1/10 Forest Of Giants

  • Deck size: Three
  • Card: Caspiel (Rare), Mokamoka (Epic), Tir (Rare)

Forest of Giants is another three-piece set that works very well with We'll Meet Again cards, Collecting and leveling up this collection might be a little time-consuming. Caspiel and Tir cards are rewarded by completing quests and achievements in the Tortoyk island, and Mokamoka card is obtained by completing Mokoko seed collection or from wandering merchants.

The first set bonus offered by this collection without awakenings, make recovery items such as healing potions 15 percent more effective. And at nine and 15 awakening, you physical and magical defense will be increased by up to 30 percent. Together with We'll Meet Again, you can create the best defensive deck in the game for most of the game's content.

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