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Lost Ark is a complicated game. There is a lot to take in. We've created a beginner's guide for brand-new players, a tier 1 endgame guide for those of you who've reached level 50 and also have a complete guide and walkthrough hub with all our guides ready to go.

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However, there are also a lot of little questions that pop up while you play. Where does the world boss spawn? How do you get the Song of Resonance? Where is this or that quest objective? How do you get Pirate Coins? These are the sort of questions we will answer here. Rather than lots of separate pages for guides, we've just collated all these questions in one place. You can jump to them using the quick links. So, in no particular order, let's start.

We will continue to update this list with new FAQs in the hopes that we can answer all of your questions about the game quickly and without having to wade through lots of other unnecessary content.

What Are Disorder Crystals?

Disorder Crystals are a type of in-game currency you receive for grinding Chaos Dungeons. Trade them in at the Chaos Dungeon exchange for other crafting materials, like Harmony Leapstones and Harmony Shards - these are essential to your gear progression in the game, so trade in crystals whenever you can.

How Do You Get Pirate Coins?

Pirate Coins are pretty essential in the very early stages of tier 1 gameplay - you need them to purchase the Song of Resonance from Peyto Island. The best way to get a lot of Pirate Coins early on is to complete the quests on Blackfang's Den and Freedom Isle. You should get well over 15,000 Pirate Coins from these two islands. You will also earn Pirate Coins from other island quests and from Stronghold dispatches.

Where Is Tooki Island?

Tooki Island is a timed cooperative event with four separate spawn locations. There is no way of knowing where it will spawn until about 10 minutes before the event starts. You've just got to rely on Area chat and a bunch of mass pings! If you want to ping the location of Tooki Island to your server, Shift-Click on the map to share the location to your chat.

How Do You Complete The Stone Of Power Quest?

The Stone Of Power quest is a quest you'll receive from the Legendary Blacksmith on Serenity Isle. It's an important quest to complete because it has a large crafting mat reward. To complete it you need to:

  • Head to Tortoyk's Heart dungeon in Tortyk. Either sail there or use the Ocean Liner, then Triport to the Forest of Giants region. You need to defeat Giant Locaroks and Pebblings. Once you've earned the required resources, you can just leave the dungeon.
  • Next, head to Yudia (this can be Triported to from East Luterra port if you're sailing/using the Ocean Liner) then Triport to Saland Hill. Race through the dungeon on Normal Mode and defeat Thanatos, the final boss. You will earn his claw.

Return to Serenity Isle for your reward.

Everything You Need To Know About Lullaby Island

Lullaby Island is a timed cooperative island event that takes place every two hours on the odd hour (i.e, three not four pm).

  • You do not need a group to complete Lullaby Island. Very few island quests actually require a group.
  • You do need the Song Of Resonance before you complete the island quest. Do not bother waiting around for the event if you do not have the Song Of Resonance, as even in a party, you will not receive the rewards.

How Do You Get The Song Of Resonance?

To follow on from our previous question, the Song Of Resonance is required to complete Lullaby Island. The Song Of Resonance is purchased from Treasurer Ingram on Peyto Island (on the main deck, to the right-hand side.) You need 16,000 Pirate Coins to purchase the Song, which is then used three times on Lullaby Island.

How Do You Complete The Fragrance And Fish Quest On Panda Island?

This quest requires you to follow a riddle - you're looking for some hidden areas on the island. Just check out the map above for three hidden spots. Keep your eyes open for Mokoko Seeds. These are marked on the map as well!

What Are Perception Shards?

Perception Shards are used at the Chaos Dungeon vendor to exchange for crafting materials like Harmony Leapstones and Shards. These are crucial crafting materials, and you should not forget to exchange your extra currency as these are on a daily/weekly cooldown. You earn Perception Shards from various endgame activities in Lost Ark, but primarily from Chaos Dungeons.

Which Ship Blueprints Should You Take? How Do You Use Them?

Ship Blueprints are needed to upgrade your ship, which increases its speed and durability. Some endgame content (Tier 3) is gated behind particularly treacherous seas/ship requirements, so you do need to upgrade your ship. Ship Blueprints are earned from quests, events, and sometimes daily log-in rewards. For a safe bet, upgrade Estoque first (this is the first ship you receive in Lost Ark), you can focus later on other ships that come much later in the game.

Where Is The Ghost Ship?

The ghost ship spawns on the map and will appear 10 minutes before the Nightmare Ship event begins. This happens fairly regularly (just check your event timer in the top left) and then pick an event that is suitable for your item level. The area that the ship spawns depends on your iLevel. You can join a group to complete the event, but it isn't required. Early on you won't require much, though your ship may suffer from heading through the treacherous seas. Later in the game, you will need a ship that is buffed against ghosts.

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