You're probably used to cooking in other MMORPGs, as either a skill or profession you must progress in to prepare foods and drinks for health, mana, and other buffs or debuffs. In Lost Ark, cooking looks quite a bit different.

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Cooking recipes are actually an essential part of your Adventurer's Tome. Each continent has its own unique set of local dishes that you can collect by sourcing hidden ingredients and bringing them to a town's cook, or by finding them out in the wild. Completing your Adventurer's Tome is an essential means to earn rewards such as HP or even stat potions. To get you started, here's where to find every Cooking Recipe in Rethramis.

7/7 Veda's Prideholme-Style Home Food

This first recipe is one of the easiest to find, although it's a little expensive. The name gives it away: Veda's Prideholme-Style Home Food can be purchased for 3,000 silver from Potion Merchant Veda just outside Neria's Tavern in Prideholme.

To add it to your Adventurer's Tome, simply right-click the item in your inventory after purchasing.

6/7 Regria Flower Oil

The hint for locating this recipe is also in the name itself. You can find Regria Flower Oil in the Rethramis Border area, just outside the southwest entrance to the Regria Monastery.

Approach the Border Guards here, standing around a spiked barricade. To the left of the barricade, there is a bunch of wooden barrels. Interacting with them will collect the Regria Flower Oil.

5/7 Solar Tree Sprout Cider

Luckily, your next Rethramis Cooking Recipe can also be found in the Rethramis Border area. Travel north, to Wind Road. On the uppermost part of this area, around some boulders obscured by a windmill, you will find an Investigate icon. Interact with it to collect a Solar Tree Sprout. You are not quite done yet though.

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Now you must travel back to Prideholme and make your way to Cook Hely, found just to the left of Rapport NPC Siera. Here you can craft the Solar Tree Sprout Cider for the cost of 900 silver.

4/7 Regria Wheat Bread

While you are back at Prideholme, you might as well stick around and bake some bread. For this recipe, you will need to head south towards the two Prideholme farm fields.

Go to the west farm field and approach the sacks of grain sitting beside a wagon and ox. Investigating these sacks will gather a Giant Wheat Sack. Now all you need to do is head back to Cook Hely and whip up some Regria Wheat Bread for 1,400 silver.

3/7 Protein Packed White Bird Stew

One of Rethramis' far less appetizing recipes can be sourced from the fields of Loghill. You will want to travel towards the East Oratory. In the southeast corner of a field just below the East Oratory area, there is a clump of pale ferns surrounded by White Redbeak mobs.

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Search until you find an "Investigate" icon. Interacting with it will gather... a Disgorged Lump. Yummy. You can bring this to Cook Hely back in Prideholme to craft Protein Packed White Bird Stew for 1,400 silver. Turns out the "protein" isn't from the birds, but rather what they cough up. Ugh.

2/7 500 Year Old Mera Wine

This next recipe will take you on a fun little adventure. To obtain it, you must first enter the Aquilok's Head Dungeon in Ankumo Mountain. Follow the right wall of the path, and one of the first little nooks you come across will have a metal lever with an Activate icon. Use it to move the giant boulder blocking a secret room. Look around, and you will also find a secret Mokoko Seed!

What you are searching for can be found in the bottom area of this secret chamber. Interact with a brown sack lying on the cave floor to obtain 499 Year Old Mera Wine.

If you open up your inventory and hover over the item, you will see that while you could right-click to add this item to your Adventurer's Tome now, the item description asks you "to be patient". Let this item sit in your inventory a little longer, and when you come back to it, your "rare" 499 Year Old Mera Wine will have aged into a legendary 500 Year Old Mera Wine.

1/7 Holy Potato With Teeth Marks

Our final Rethramis Cooking Recipe will take some grinding to get. You will need to have first achieved max Rapport Rank with Siera - Trusted rank - and redeem one of Siera's last Rapport rewards: a Special Potato. Examining this item in your inventory will show a potato that seems to have a... face on it? The description reads, "A potato exuding holy energy. Take a bite before anyone comes."

Interacting with it turns it into thelegendary "Holy Potato With Teeth Marks" that can be added to the Adventurer's Tome. Apparently, this potato is considered to be a holy artifact because the mark on it resembles Regulus' face. Too bad you already took a big honking bite out of it.

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