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Lost Ark’s Adventurer’s Tome is one of many collectible systems with quite a bit of depth once you start digging into it. One of the main tabs in this tome is that of the cooking ingredients, which range in complexity across (and within) the multiple continents of the game. There is also a very good chance some of these recipes might make you wonder about how healthy a diet these people choose to have.

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While North Vern’s cooking collectibles are not necessarily the hardest bunch in the game, some of them can certainly be annoying to acquire. Plus, checking these off your collectibles-to-do-list is a great way to spend some of your time in tier one endgame content while working toward tier two.

Vern Anniversary Spirits

This recipe can simply be bought for 18,000 silver from Roy, one of the vendors (a bartender, to be specific) at “Roy’s Wine Bar” in Rania Village.

There’s no big-to-do here, as there’s no need to bring Vern Anniversary Spirits to the cook in Vern Castle; just click on it to drink it and credit is given.

Balankar Ranger’s Salad

This recipe is also relatively straightforward, as it only requires one ingredient: Vine. The name is slightly misleading, as this ingredient isn’t found in Balankar Mountains, but in Parna Forest, at the precise location indicated in the image above, just east of the Vine Grove triport.

There are a couple of mobs around it though, so do take care to kill them so you can loot the vine without being interrupted. Once you’ve got it, simply take it to the cook (Stelia) in Vern Caste and have her craft up the Balankar Range’s Salad for you.

Proxima Course Meal

This recipe requires three different pieces and is one of two items on this list gated by RNG. The first two parts, Proxima Salad and Proxima Root Nugget, are easily craftable: simply go to Luigia, a merchant in Rania Village, buy Proxima Stem and Proxima Root from her for 18,000 silver each, and have the cook craft the salad and root nugget, respectively.

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The RNG bit comes from the third part of this recipe: Natural Proxima Skin. This item has a chance to drop from the world boss—or field boss, as the game labels them—Proxima. You can only kill it once per day in Vernese Forest and you require an item level of at least 540 in order to receive loot. Once you’ve got the skin, combine it with Proxima Salad and Proxima Root Nugget at the cook, and you’ve got your Proxima Course Meal.


This is the second recipe gated by RNG, and is completely so. For this one, you’ve got to combine three different cocktails: Questionable Cocktail, Pungent Cocktail, and Palatable Cocktail.

In order to obtain these very appetizing drinks, head over to Joo Hye, a food merchant in Vern Castle, and unless you’ve got incredible luck, buy a truck-load of Fresh Cocktails (150 silver each), because consuming these gives you a chance of getting any of the three aforementioned cocktails. Once you’ve managed to get all three, you can craft Harmony at the cook.

Goblin's Fish Soup

This recipe is pretty easy to snag, as, in order to craft it, you need only pick up two different ingredients, both of which are conveniently located somewhat nearby to one another in Parna Forest.

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The location of the first, Unknown Soup, is shown in the left half of the picture (it's the hanging cauldron), while the location of the second, Goblin’s Fish, is shown on the right half (it’s just next to the bags of apples or tomatoes or whatever those are). With both these items, Vern Castle’s cook can create the remarkably not-so-appetizing Goblin’s Fish Soup.

Fesnar Mushroom Stew

This recipe is another easy one, for it only needs a single ingredient, that being Fesnar Poisonous Mushroom. As the name implies, it is found in (the northern) Fesnar Highlands at the location shown in the picture above (wandering merchant Peter’s spawn location in this zone is a convenient check on your way from the triport to the ingredient, by the way).

Bring it to the cook to cleanse it of its toxic quality and make a safe-to-eat Fesnar Mushroom Stew.

Long Live The Queen!

The final dish required for the completion of your Adventurer’s Tome North Vern tab, Long Live The Queen, is crafted by gathering all the items listed previously except the Fesnar Mushroom Stew. So, now would probably be a good time to mention that, while at any of the above locations to gather certain ingredients, you may want to pick up a second for this dish.

While there’s no way to spare you from the dreadful RNG-fest that is getting the proper ingredients for a second Harmony, getting another Natural Proxima Skin is a different story. In this case, you will more than likely only have to kill Proxima once. The loot itself may not be guaranteed, but when the skin does indeed drop, it drops in multiples.

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