Whether you have just started playing Lost Ark and decided to start collecting Mokoko Seeds, or a veteran on a mission to "catch 'em all", chances are you might have given up on the Loghill area of Rethramis. While the first couple of seeds might be easy enough to spot or even find hidden behind tree foliage, Loghill is home to some of the hardest Mokoko Seeds to find in the game.

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Not only are four of the Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark hidden behind secret passageways, but one of these passageways is actually only accessible after reaching endgame content. Before you get too frustrated, here is where (and how) to find every Mokoko Seed in Loghill.

8/8 Mokoko Seed One - Broken Pillar

Your first Loghill Mokoko Seed will be pretty easy to find. It is located at the bottom right region of the map, tucked behind some tall grass growing around some stone ruins. You should see it next to a crumbled wall, right between a broken pillar and crumbling vestibule.

7/8 Mokoko Seed Two - Stone Outcrop

This next Mokoko Seed is easily overlooked, disguised in all the greenery of Loghill.

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You can find it to the left of a stone outcrop, in a field just south of the East Oratory. Luckily, the monsters here do not aggro unless they are attacked, so this seed is painless to grab.

6/8 Mokoko Seed Three - Robber Ruins

There is a band of robbers taking refuge in the ruins at the center of Loghill's southern half of the map. You will find the Mokoko Seed hidden in the first little bend you come across on the left-hand side, in the bottom right corner, blocked from view by ruin walls and foliage. The enemies in this area have a high level of aggro though, so you will need to defeat them all first before collecting the seed.

5/8 Mokoko Seed Four - Secret Jump Spot

Finding this Mokoko Seed isn't nearly as aggravating as reaching it. If you are lucky, you might have come across this seed by hugging one of the ruin walls on the left-most side of Archbishop Statue Ruins. The "Look" icon will have shown up, as it does whenever you are within grabbing distance of a Mokoko Seed. But when you click it or press "G", you are told that you need to stand closer to reach it.

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You will need to get behind the wall to actually reach the Mokoko Seed. There is a secret jump spot that can only be unlocked after killing the Stone Construct that spawns closest to the kingly statue. After doing this, the Jump spot should appear to the left of the wall, and you will be able to cross over. Walking along the ruined wall will allow you to snatch up the Mokoko Seed.

4/8 Mokoko Seed Five - Secret Jump Spot

Lost Ark does this often — hiding Mokoko Seed right next to each other, probably in the hopes that you will take your first Mokoko Seed and overlook the second. When you uncover the secret jump spot in Archbishop Statue Ruins, do not go anywhere just yet. A little to the north of the other Mokoko Seed behind the wall, you can find a second completely obscured by a tree. Walk until the "Look" icon appears to grab it.

3/8 Mokoko Seed Six - Stone Bridge

The uppermost region of Loghill is only accessible after completing the "Restore the Street" quest, granting you entry to Kolsh Valley. Once there, make your way north until you come across a stone bridge to the west. Cross it, and on the other side by the railing you will find a Mokoko Seed on the ground.

2/8 Mokoko Seed Seven - Kolsh Ruins

The next Mokoko Seed you can discover in the Kolsh Valley region of Loghill is just south of Kolsh Ruins, in a nook filled with robbers on the eastern side. Walk into the trees in the bottom right corner of this nook until your screen is mostly obscured by leaves. You should see the "Look" icon pop up, and be able to grab the Mokoko Seed hidden there.

1/8 Mokoko Seeds Eight And Nine - Fogwoods Crypt Secret Passage

If you had any hopes of collecting all the Mokoko Seeds as you pass through Lost Ark's main questline, we have some bad news for you. The last two Mokoko Seeds in Loghill are literally unreachable until you have begun endgame content, or at the very least obtained a ship. These seeds are located in Fogwoods Crypt, behind a doorway of gnarled vines found a little south of the graveyard.

In order to access these seeds, you will need not one, but two pieces of sheet music only obtained from certain islands. The first is the Song of Resonance, which can be purchased from Treasure Hunter Igran on Peyto for 16,500 Pirate Coins. Luckily, you can farm these Pirate Coins pretty easily by completing the island quests at Freedom Isle and Blackfang's Den. However, there are some mobs on Blackfang's Den you need to slay, which might prove difficult if you have not completed the North Vern questline yet.

Once you have the Song of Resonance, you must then travel to Lullaby Island and complete the "It's Okay, Miss Fairy" quest by doing the co-op "Magick Melody" quest three times by playing Song of Resonance with other players inside the secret passage. Once you have collected three "Voices of the Forest", you can complete the quest to learn the "Forest's Minuet" sheet musicwhichunlocks the secret passage to the two Mokoko Seeds in Fogwoods Crypt.

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