If you are unfamiliar with Lost Ark's Mokoko Seeds, the village of Prideholme is a perfect place to get into collecting them. Not only is Prideholme one of the first, and therefore most accessible areas in Lost Ark, but it sets you up to understand that not all Mokoko Seeds hidden through Arkesia are simply tucked behind some bushes.

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You might be wondering, what is even the point in collecting Mokoko Seeds? Their use might not be readily apparent, but these little pear-shaped cuties can be traded in for goodies in Mokoko Village at Tortoyk later in the game. To get you started, let's begin with finding every Mokoko Seed in Prideholme.

9/9 Mokoko Seed One - Vista Point

Your first Mokoko Seed find is bound to be the easiest one to spot, since it's lying just beside the Prideholme Vista Point at the base of the big tree. It's hard to miss this one, especially if you take Neria up on her quest to show you around Prideholme.

If the spot is crowded when you visit it, just move your mouse around until you discover the "interact" icon or just spam the "G" key.

8/9 Mokoko Seed Two - Lion Statue

The second Mokoko Seed you are bound to discover on your own is this one right next to the lion statue in the main square.

Chances are you might notice it when visiting Working Achatemeow during the "Learning About Pets" quest, or even while using the Vista Point by the big tree.

7/9 Mokoko Seed Three- Street Tree

You can find this Mokoko Seed to the left of NPC Gaiglock and Ruden at the fountain, between the tree and the marble staircase leading up to the Prideholme Cathedral.

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As you approach the marble staircase, it should become easily visible so keep an eye out.

6/9 Mokoko Seed Four - Plaza Bulletin Board

The Mokoko Seed outside Neria's Tavern blends in well with the shade of the grass, but you can find it just to the right of the mailbox and to the left of the Plaza Bulletin Board.

5/9 Mokoko Seed Five - Garden Pots

Here we find our first truly "hidden" Mokoko Seed. More often than not, this is how you will discover a Mokoko Seed out in the wild.

While it might not be visible standing at any point on the map, if you approach this area to the left and behind NPC Traveler Kadin, walking along the garden pots beside the house, an "interact" or "Look" icon with a gray hand should appear. Pressing "G" will trigger the action of picking up the Mokoko Seed.

4/9 Mokoko Seed Six - Blue Bunny Farm

If you're on the hunt for Mokoko Seeds, always explore areas of any map that seem to serve no purpose. This little farm with blue bunnies and chickens might not have any NPCs or merchants to help you on your journey to find the Ark, but sitting right out in the middle of the field is a delicious-looking Mokoko Seed.

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You can find the farm in the bottom right corner of the Prideholme map, in the top of this not at all phallic-looking area.

3/9 Mokoko Seed Seven - Wagon

On the other farm in the bottom right corner of the Prideholme map, just to the right of a wagon with bushels of hay, you can find a seventh Mokoko Seed. It blends it pretty well with the grass in this area, but luckily the sunshine helps it stand out.

2/9 Mokoko Seed Eight - Prideholme Cathedral Secret Passage

Maybe at this point you have already discovered all the more visible Mokoko Seeds in Prideholme, but despite your best efforts, you cannot find the last two. What gives? This is where finding Mokoko Seeds becomes a little tricky. Sometimes Mokoko Seeds are located in secret areas that require certain actions, such as songs, to unlock them. These last Prideholme Mokoko Seeds give us a taste of just how tricksy Mokoko Seeds can be.

This Mokoko Seed is located in a "secret passage" in Prideholme Cathedral. To find it, you will need to walk along the left wall until you reach a section towards the back where you can phase through the wall. Moving through the darkness, you must navigate somewhat blindly to find a Mokoko Seed just sitting in the pitch black.

1/9 Mokoko Seed Nine - Prideholme Cathedral Secret Passage

After you have found the eighth Mokoko Seed, don't go anywhere too fast. The ninth and final Mokoko Seed can be found just below the eighth, also sitting in the dark. How did these two Mokoko Seeds end up literally off the map? Your guess is as good as ours.

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