Tracking down Mokoko Seeds throughout Lost Ark is one of the more fun yet challenging collectibles you can gather. Luckily, the Mokoko Seeds in Saland Hill are probably some of the easiest seeds to find. Unlike Mokoko Seeds in other areas, none of the seeds here require sheet music or even unlocking secret passages to find them. While some are hidden behind structures, most are actually sitting right out in the open.

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If you are still having some trouble locating all the Mokoko Seeds in Saland Hill, here is a complete list of every Mokoko Seed and where you can find them.

9/9 Mokoko Seed One - Burnt Encampment

This first Mokoko Seed can be found to the northwest of the Burnt Encampment. You can see it sitting on the salt flats, wedged into a corner between a dead tree and some blue crystals.

You will need to slay some Bolchi to get to it, and there is a Named Monster roaming that area, so if you are lower in level be a little wary as it could mean trouble.

8/9 Mokoko Seed Two - Salt Works Crates

Once you arrive at the Salt Works, you can find two Mokoko Seeds in the area. The first is to the southwest of the Salt Works, in this little brick settlement.

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The seed you are looking for is in front of a stack of wooden crates, sandwiched between NPCs Sione and Fugitive Nomad.

7/9 Mokoko Seed Three - Salt Works Salt Flats

The other Mokoko Seed found around the Salt Works is also southwest of the Triport. It can be found with its leaves just barely poking out of a flowering desert plant in the middle of the salt flats.

Find it at the location marked above and grab it from the sand. With this added to your collection, you can move onto the next one.

6/9 Mokoko Seed Four - Occupied Saltern

Head south of the Salt Works next, to the Occupied Saltern. This place is crawling with mobs, so the going might be slow at a lower level.

You will find it at the very bottom right corner of this area, hidden in the short grass by the wooden fence. You should see it just to the right of the ancient stone relic standing there.

5/9 Mokoko Seed Five - Whitesand Bandit Den

This is probably the hardest Mokoko Seed to find in Saland Hill, and not because it is hidden behind a secret passage. It's all thanks to those cursed blue arrows. Navigating the upper level of the Whitesand Bandit Den can be tricky, but otherwise, you can find the Mokoko Seed pretty easily here. You will need to start by going up the wooden ramp pictured above. When you reach the part of the catwalk that forks into a zipline and a "tightrope" walk, take the "tightrope" to the other side.

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In this area, you will find a Mokoko Seed sitting right in front of a weapon rack and some wooden barrels. The mobs in this area respawn quickly, so grab this seed as fast as possible.

4/9 Mokoko Seed Six - Nomad Camp

Here we have our first truly "hidden" Mokoko Seed in Saland Hill. Travel to the Nomad Camp in the northern part of the map. Just a little south of the Triport, you should see a teepee, with the Storage Keep NPC Yuti standing to the left of it.

If you approach the teepee and hover your mouse over the awning, a "Look" interact icon should appear. Click here to collect your Mokoko Seed!

3/9 Mokoko Seed Seven - Aregal Salt Plains Nests

The next Mokoko Seed is located in the Aregal Salt Plains area. The specific location is marked on the map above.

If you move northeast from the Ozhorn Hill entrance, keeping to the edge of the map, you should find this Mokoko Seed hidden in a cluster of what we can only assume are large bird's nests, or maybe some dried bramble.

2/9 Mokoko Seed Eight - Thorngrip Den Cage

The only other "hidden" Mokoko Seed in Saland Hill can be found in Thorngrip Den. If you move east directly from the Nomad Camp Triport and into the Thorngrip Den, you will find yourself in a nook of the Den filled with prisoner cages.

Approaching one of the cages in the bottom right corner will reveal a "Look" interact icon. Interacting with this will reveal yet another Mokoko Seed.

1/9 Mokoko Seed Nine - Aregal Salt Plains Nortern Tip

Our last Mokoko Seed can be found in what is technically still considered the Aregal Salt Plains. Travel as far north as you can possibly go on the Saland Hill map.

On the uppermost side of a saltwater pond, tucked into some dried grass by an outcrop of rocks, you can find the final Mokoko Seed. This area is also pretty thick with mobs, so as ever, be careful when exploring as a lower-level character.

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