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The continent of Rohendel in Lost Ark begins with a few quiet zones. But while Glass Lotus Lake starts out looking much the same, don’t let the cute and lush surroundings fool you. There is some intense fighting waiting for you here. But there are also nine aromatic Mokoko Seeds waiting to be collected.

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You’ll need to have learned the Song of Eternity sheet music to collect two of the Seeds here, which you’ll get from completing 60 percent of your Rohendel Adventurer’s Tome. You’ll also need to have made some Ether Essence, which you need for your tome too, and have 250 Courage for another.

Mokoko Seed One – Towards Breezesome Brae

If you arrive from the Rothun portal, head west past Flowstream Village Triport and the Fishing Spot, keeping to the south edge of the area. Go across the wooden bridge that keeps you heading west, but now keep to the north edge of the smaller area you arrive in. Go over to its northwest corner, where you’ll find a giant white flower. Play the Song of Eternity here to reveal your first Mokoko Seed.

Mokoko Seed Two – Lotus Habitat

Go back across the bridge east towards the village, but once over the bridge immediately turn left and follow the edge of this large toad-infested area as it goes west and then northwest through the Lotus Habitat. Eventually you’ll come to another massive white flower, just like the first. Once again, play the Song of Eternity to reveal the Mokoko Seed underneath.

Mokoko Seed Three – Sanctum Of Water

Now work your way across the Lotus habitat in a roughly northeast direction, where you’ll come to a path heading directly north towards the Sanctum of Water. Once you enter it through the gates, go directly across northwest following the path until you get to the far side – then turn right into the northeast corner of the sanctum. Go right of the ornate stone flooring past a broken statue to the edge of the cliff there. You’ll see two lots of cherry blossom – your third Mokoko Seed is at the base of the smaller one, next to a pink flower with a yellow centre.

Mokoko Seed Four – Digne’s House

Head over to the Nightshade Forest Triport on the far east side of the Glass Lotus Lake area. Walk a little way west and then up the rough wooden steps into Digne’s House. There are some concoctions brewing in cauldrons on the northeast side of the hut. Just to their right are some fresh cooking supplies. And just below them is your next Mokoko, partially obscured by a tree.

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Mokoko Seeds Five And Six – West Of Digne’s House

Leave Digne’s House and head southwest along a thin winding path. You’ll come to a junction where you need to head left (southwest again). Keep to the right as you go, and you’ll soon come to a slight widening of the path, where it turns sharply left. In this corner you’ll see an unnamed NPC in white robes with a staff, who mumbles something about drinking some elegant wine.

He is referring to Ether Essence, which is a cooking item you need to make for your Adventurer’s Tome for Rohendel. It’s a complex task which requires you to collect a lot of ingredients, including one you can only get after completing multiple Una’s Tasks. So, you may need to come back for this one. Once you’ve made it, you can get refills from Cook Ailara in Rohun.

Go back along the path northeast to the junction, and this time keep heading northeast. The path will turn sharply left, so you’re heading west, before you get to a junction where a new path heads directly north. It’s very easy to miss this Seed, as it is on the left-side of the path completely obscured by a large tree, just past the junction towards the dead-end.

Mokoko Seed Seven – Foehn Plains

Now take this northern path up and into the plains. From the Foehn Plains Triport go directly north, to where you’ll find a long thin path that arcs around and back to the plains once more. At its northernmost tip you’ll come to an elegant circular platform, with a statue in its northern corner. Your seventh Mokoko Seed is just to the left of the statue.

Mokoko Seeds Eight And Nine – Foehn Camp

Leave by the westerly path and turn right at its end, going northwest towards Foehn Camp. Climb down the vines and go west across the tiny wooden bridge, following the path as it winds its way south to another set of vines to climb down. Go north into the small dead-end area, where two unnamed Sylvains stand near a statue. Your eighth Seed is just below the one on the left, just above a large orange flower.

Just a few steps to the north, past the Sylvain holding the mace, is a passageway that heads northwest into a secret area off the map. But you can only enter – and get to the final Mokoko Seed of Glass Lotus Lake – if you have 250 Courage.

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