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In Lost Ark terms, Rothun in Rohendel feels like quite a small capital city. The home of the Sylvains has just three triports and a relatively small footprint, but does have everything you need from a capital — including a surprisingly generous haul of ten mokoko seeds.

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Rohendel has a few new ways to hide mokokos, and they’re in full effect here. You’ll need some Honey Butter Beer (a crafted item), the Song of Eternity sheet music (twice), and an impressive 250 Wisdom to be able to access all the locations you’ll need.

Mokoko Seed One – Forest Of Balance

If you’re arriving from Lake Shiverware, head northwest to the Garden of Destiny crossroads, and take a left over the long wooden bridge into the Forest of Balance.

Go a few steps clockwise around its circular platform and take the steps down that lead southeast. Your first mokoko is on this smaller platform, tucked in next to the bags of fresh fruit.

Mokoko Seed Two – Empyrean Plaza

Head back to the larger platform and leave it north up the wooden steps, into the Garden of Harmony. Turn right (northeast) into Empyrean Plaza and walk past the continent return point, keeping to the left of the path.

As you go round the corner, just before the stream, you’ll see several tree stumps filled with water on your left. Play the Song of Eternity here to reveal your next seed. If you don’t have it yet, you’ll need to complete 60 percent of your Rohendel Adventurer’s Tome to get it.

Mokoko Seed Three – Garden Of Elements

Now, just walk a few more paces northeast across the stream, over to where the Panorama of Rohun vista location is. A Sylvain here will mention that all you need to do is have a drink to go on an adventure.

Drink some Honey Butter Beer here to prove him right. Now you can walk through the vista point and beyond northeast, onto a secret platform. Up some steps at the back, you’ll see your third mokoko seed.

Mokoko Seed Four – Magick Market

Come back out the way you went in and walk east along the path to the Magick Market. Hug the left of the path as you pass Storage Keep NPC Wicker, and go up the wooden steps to Market Broker NPC Kame.

He’s standing in front of a large desk – and there’s a mokoko hidden just behind it to the right-hand side as you look at it.

Mokoko Seed Five – Entrance To The Cube

Leave the Magick Market northwest over the sparkling bridge and walk past the Dawnkeep Triport.

Follow the right fork of the path as you approach the keep, towards the entrances to the Cube and Legion Raid.

There are a few benches on your right just before you get to them, and a seed is tucked behind the last one.

Mokoko Seed Six – Only For The Wise

Head back and around to the entrance to the keep and go inside. You need 250 Wisdom to be able to access the secret room in here, otherwise you’ll need to come back for this one later.

Once inside the main room, walk across to NPC Aberuth and around to the east side of the glowing ball in front of them. Click the ball from here, and you’ll be taken to the secret room, where the mokoko is sitting right in the middle.

Mokoko Seed Seven – Upstairs In Dawnkeep

Once inside Dawnkeep, walk up the stairs to your right and head around and over to the back of the balcony.

Just past the beds, and you’ll see four wooden chests in front of a large bookshelf. Play the Song of Eternity here and all the treasure chests will disappear for a few seconds, revealing your next aromatic seed.

Mokoko Seed Eight – Sunkeep Lobby

For your final three seeds, you need to enter Sunkeep. Head over to the Empyrean Plaza Triport, directly southwest from Dawnkeep.

Once in the plaza, head northwest into the Sunkeep itself. Your next mokoko is in the room you enter into, Sunkeep Lobby, but is completely obscured to the right of the stairs that lead up to the Queen’s Chamber.

Mokoko Seed Nine – Sunkeep Basement

Now go over to the southwest side of the lobby and down the stairs into the Sunkeep Basement.

Walk to the right of the portal to Elzowin’s Shade and right round to behind where the stairs come down. There’s a seed hidden in the corner by the wall.

Mokoko Seed Ten – The Queen’s Chamber

Finally, head back up to Sunkeep Lobby and then onwards up the stairs to the Queen’s Chamber.

As you approach the steps that lead up to her comfy-looking sofa, instead walk to the left of them and into the corner.

There, to the left of the large stone statue, you’ll find the final mokoko seed of Rothun.

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