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While particularly dark and foreboding, Elzowin’s Shade is one of the more visually stunning areas in the Rohendel continent of Lost Ark. It has a blue tint throughout, making it feel even more otherworldly. But out there in the eerie darkness, there are nine Mokoko Seeds to be discovered.

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You’re going to need a few things if you want to collect all the Elzowin’s Shade seeds in one visit. First, you’ll have to have completed at least 60 percent of the Rohendel Adventurer’s Tome. Doing so rewards you with the sheet music for Song of Eternity, which you need to reveal two of the Mokokos. Second, one of the seeds requires you to have 250 Wisdom to enter the secret area it is in. Also, you’ll need to have crafted some Ether Essence – a cooking recipe also needed for your tome.

Mokoko Seed One – Shadowed Earth

If you start your journey from the portal inside the Sunkeep in Rohun, head past the Shadowed Earth Triport and follow the main path northeast. Work your way up past the enemy dryads until you get to NPC Adjutant Felix. Keep heading northeast but stick to the left of the path. Ignore the first left-hand dead end but take the second one that leads up the slope past NPC Divine Tree Guardian Theodore. Just past him, on your left at the edge of the cliff, is your first Mokoko Seed.

Mokoko Seed Two – East Stardust Forest

Continue heading northeast, or portal over to the East Knurlroot Forest Triport. From here, follow the path as it now heads northwest. After a short while the path opens up into East Stardust Forest. There’s a large tree ahead of you in the middle of the area – go around it to the other side, where you’ll find a Dream Stricken Sylvain. Go directly south from it to the tree, and you’ll find your next Mokoko there in the glowing grass.

Mokoko Seed Three – Ether Essence

Continue north to the East Stardust Forest Triport, then turn southwest into Elzowin’s Embrace. If you have the cooking ingredient Ether Essence, follow the edge of the area along its northern edge – so keep right as you enter this area. You’ll find NPC Irelia here, and another white cloaked Sylvain just north of them by a waterfall. If you wait for them to speak, they’ll say this is a good spot to drink wine. If you stand in front of the waterfall and use the Ether Essence, you can walk into it and through into a secret area – where you’ll find the third seed.

The Ether Essence is a hard item to make. However, once you have it, you can refill it and use it for your Tome, as well as in acquiring multiple Mokokos across Rohendel.

Mokoko Seeds Four And Five – Elzowin’s Embrace

Follow the edge of the large central waterfall anticlockwise, just south of Irelia. Your next seed is on the edge of the waterfall just behind a Divine Tree Guard. If you’re looking at the map, the fourth Mokoko Seed of Elzowin’s Shade is at about nine-o-clock if you envisage the central waterfall as a circle.

Walk just a few steps further south along the edge of the waterfall to find the start of the hidden story, ‘A Man Called the Sylvain Hunter’. If you have 250 Wisdom, you can walk into the waterfall at this spot and into a hidden area. Right in the centre of this circular cave you’ll see a Mokoko Seed. If you do go inside, be a little careful as you come out. You appear a little further south than you went in – often into a huddle of demons.

Mokoko Seed Six – Shaded River

Leave the Elzowin’s Embrace area by the path that heads directly south, towards West Knurlroot Forest. Keep to the left (west side) of the path as it starts to turn towards the raft stop. Just before you get to the jetty, you’ll see a burning torch on your right – and just north of it, a huge tree stump. Play the Song of Eternity here and the tree stump will disappear for a few moments, revealing your next Mokoko.

Mokoko Seeds Seven And Eight – West Stardust Forest

Now head east along the path towards West Knurlroot forest. Climb up the vines, then stick to the right of the path and follow the trail as it turns back in itself, southwest. Once in the forest, take either side down (the vines or bark slide) and continue southwest.

You’ll pass under a tree arch into a much larger area – West Stardust Forest. Go right across it, along its northern edge, but ignore the chance to head north for now. Go into the northwest corner just past the opening, and you’ll find another massive tree stump. Once again, play Song of Eternity to reveal a seed.

Head a few paces east and up into the northern part of the forest. Stick to the left side of the area as you again go to the northwest corner. Your eighth Mokoko is sat neatly on the glowing plants next to large stone disc, ready to be collected.

Mokoko Seed Nine – Outside Phantom Palace

Finally, port over to the Forgotten Beach Triport and head west across the floating rocks to the entrance to the Phantom Palace dungeon. Walk to the left of the entrance, and you’ll find the final Mokoko Seed of Elzowin’s Shade by the cliff edge.

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