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Breezesome Brae is one of the more chalk-and-cheese areas of Lost Ark. It has the cuteness overload of faeries and the elf-life Sylvain woodland, but is contrasted by a heavy presence of demons. As you work your way between the light and dark, you should also find a nice haul of nine Mokoko Seeds.

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Breezesome Brae continues the Rohendel theme of needing a few items unique to the area in order to collect all the Mokoko Seeds. You’ll need a mug of Honey Butter Beer (either kind) that you also need for your Adventurer’s Tome – and which you can get refilled by Cook Ailara in Rohun. You’ll also need to have learnt the sheet music Song of Eternity for two of the Seeds, which you acquire by completing 60 percent of the Adventurer’s Tome for this continent.

Mokoko Seed One – The Fairy Village

If you start out from the Fairy Village Triport, walk a little way northwest down the steps, to a round hut where there are lots of wounded fairies. There’s a Mokoko Seed hidden completely out of sight to the right of the building, obscured by the petal roof.

Mokoko Seeds Two And Three – The Right Fork Of Dandelion Hill

Go back across to the Fairy Village Triport and past it southwest, across the bridge and onto the round wooden platform. Float up to the next platform on a dandelion, then take the tree path that heads north to the eastern section of Dandelion Hill.

Walk across the ornate garden to its northern tip, and a ‘climb’ icon will appear if you stand by the vines. Go up and across to a platform made of bark, and you’ll see your next Mokoko on the right of it.

Also on the platform is a now familiar Sylvain, who claims you can go on an adventure here if you have a drink. Consume some Honey Butter Beer (either kind), after which you can walk a little east of him onto a secret platform. There’s a Seed sitting right in the middle of it.

Mokoko Seed Four – The Left Fork Of Dandelion Hill

Climb back down the vines and walk through the garden, heading south past the east turn to the village proper. You’ll see another set of climbing vines on the west side of the path. Climb up them and follow the tree path northeast across a balancing log. Go across the platform on the other side, where you’ll see a broken statue. The fourth Mokoko Seed of Breezesome Brae is just to the left of it, on the ground.

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Mokoko Seed Five – Pier Valley

Go back down to the Fairy Village Triport and leave this area northeast towards Windy Hill. Go straight across to the east through the fire elementals, looking for the thin path heading southeast towards Pier Valley. As you go along the path, keep to the left. Just as the path opens up a little, there’s a small nook with a waterfall and some tree stumps full of water. Play the Song of Eternity and the tree stumps will momentarily disappear, revealing a Mokoko underneath.

Mokoko Seed Six – Fairy’s Shelter

Keep following this path south over the long stone bridge and through the next elemental-filled area. Head right across Flower Tree Farm, to where two paths leave it to the west. Go to the bottom of the two, but follow the path that heads southeast to the Fairy’s Shelter in the farm. Your next Seed is hidden on the left of this path, where two fire elementals spawn next to a small patch of burnt ground, by a statue.

Mokoko Seed Seven – Breezesome village

Head over to the Breezesome Brae Triport on the southwest. There’s a small slope just behind the triport, leading up to a large hut with a blue-tiled roof. To the right of it as you approach, you’ll see some boxes of fresh fruit. Nestled amongst them, partially hidden from view, is another Mokoko Seed.

Mokoko Seeds Eight And Nine – Breezesome Forest

Leave Breezesome Village by the path heading south. As you enter the forest, turn east and stick to the top of the area as you work your way through the Kran and Constructs. Go up a small slope and directly east across the next section of forest, then go north of the lake in the middle.

Just past it, you’ll see some unmanned Sylvain defences, with a thin green banner flying from them. Just north of them are some more tree stumps. If you play the Song of Eternity while standing next to the tree stumps, they will disappear to reveal your eighth Mokoko.

Finally, keep heading east, deeper into the forest, down the long dead-end path. Keep to the left and eventually there will be a spot where the path opens up a little, with a small waterfall on your left. Just before the waterfall is a small bush – and hidden underneath it is the final Mokoko Seed of Breezesome Brae.

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