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The Phantom Palace is one of the more surreal dungeon experiences of Lost Ark. Floors bend as you walk along them, chess pieces come to life and attack you, while there are puzzle elements and some complex, tricky boss battles. It’s all a little Alice in Wonderland.

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There are also seven Mokoko Seeds to find. Six are relatively simple, with just one of these being in a quite obvious-looking ‘secret’ passageway. But if you want to get all seven, the final one can push the limits of your patience. Read on for all the gory details.

Read First: Important Notes About Mokoko Seed Six

The only way to access Mokoko Seed six is by having two unique buffs active on you after defeating the Queen sub-boss. You can only get these buffs when you fight the Rook and Queen sub-bosses, and only on Hard mode. And they're on really slow timers as you try to pick them up.

  • The Rook: This buff is on the floor somewhere randomly around the edge of the platform you battle Rook on. However, despite still seeming to be there later, you have to activate it within one minute of the battle beginning. This is tough, as Rook will constantly attack at the start of the battle, and you won’t know exactly where the buff is. If his attack interrupts you trying to get the buff, it restarts the timer. This means you’ll need to distract, freeze, slow or stealth past Rook long enough to find and activate the buff, before he can interrupt it. We found a Scarecrow works well to distract it.
  • The Queen: During the battle, mirrors will appear at the side of the room that allow you to move around and escape her purple wave attacks. While casting these, she stands in a circular purple glow in the middle of the room. In the large circle is a smaller circle, which you can activate to get the Whisper of Phantoms buff. Click it just after being hit by a wave, as taking damage will stop the slow counter to picking it up. But you will need to survive some big damage to get this buff.

These buffs last an hour, so there’s no need to rush things. However, if you leave the dungeon, the buffs disappear – meaning you need to successfully get them both on a single run to be able to access the sixth Mokoko Seed. Details of how to get to it once you have these buffs are below.

Mokoko Seed One – The Palace Garden

Enter the garden and work your way northwest. After the third set of jumps, the walkway will tilt to its right as you defeat the last of the gargoyles around a spinning circular statue. There’s a destroyable rock to the right as you land on this section – and behind it your first Mokoko.

Mokoko Seeds Two And Three – The Chess Chamber

Continue over the last few jumps and head north into the Phantom Palace – and to the chess board. As you approach it, take the left fork into the northwest corridor. After defeating the creatures there, you’ll find the second Mokoko Seed sitting in plain sight on the ground by the oversized chess pieces.

Now head back to the fork and take the other passageway northeast. Again, dispatch with all the guards there first. There’s a curtain in the room, in front of a southeast-facing passageway that leads off the map. Walk to the end to find a Scared Gargoyle standing by a plinth with a red glow. And to its southwest against the railing, obscured by some red bushes, another Mokoko.

Mokoko Seed Four – Phantom Castle Wall

Solve the first chess puzzle and go through the portal. Head across the first walkway, dodging the falling obstacles, until the path turns left through a second portcullis – which will start to look as if you’re going north on your mini map once you’re at the top of the stairs. There’s a gnarled dead tree on your right, and just past it the top of some broken stairs heading down. At the top of those stairs, you’ll find your fourth seed.

Mokoko Seed Five – The Mirror Room

Return to the chess board and complete the next puzzle, defeating the Knight in the Phantom Arena. Complete your third chess puzzle and go back through the northeast portal. This time you’re in the Mirror Room. Walk down the steps and over to the mirrors on your left. You can activate the mirror on the right of the two, giving access to a secret chamber. Inside, by the window, is the fifth Mokoko Seed of the Phantom Palace.

Mokoko Seed Six – Phantom Leader Bishop

This will only work if you have followed the instructions at the start of this guide. Go back to the now broken chess board to find a portal has opened directly north of it, up a flight of stairs. There is a square stone plinth each side at the bottom of the stairs.

If you have both buffs, don’t go up yet. Icons will appear above these plinths when you approach. Activate each to get a new quest, which is another chess puzzle. Complete it, then go up the stairs on the left of the chess board and continue until you defeat the Bishop. After defeating it, find the secret area on the east side of its room by walking off the map through the wall. Inside you’ll find your elusive sixth seed.

Mokoko Seed Seven – Beneath The Tree

Finally, head north through the final portal, into the Kings Audience Chamber and into the heart of the palace. Once you have defeated Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza, move beyond Azena northeast and go up the stairs to the circular platform. You’ll find the final Mokoko Seed of the Phantom Palace hidden under the leaves of the tree, just on the north side of the trunk.

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