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While Lost Ark may call them the Sylvain, Rohendel is essentially the land of the elves. Most of the continent is woodland, inhabited by creatures such as faeries, elementals and treants. But as you’ve no doubt come to expect, many of these creatures have come under the influence of demons – and they’re not as welcoming as they once might have been.

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Fifteen of these monsters are needed to help complete your Adventurer’s Tome. Their locations are spread far and wide across all of Rohendel’s five main competitive areas. You won’t find any monsters you need in its tricky dungeons, so that’s something. But you’ll still have to do a lot of legwork. Read on to find details of all the monster locations.

Lake Shiverwave Monster Locations

Sakuul Alpha

Head to the Fairy Settlement Triport and leave it southwest along the pathway. At the end of the path go left of the large rock in front of you. As you keep walking southwest, you’ll soon come face to face with a pack of Sakuul – one of which will be the Sakuul Alpha you’re looking for.

Enhanced Elemental Dust Moth

If you start out from the Fairy Settlement Triport, go under the archway that’s just to your southwest and follow the path. When you see a large rock in front of you, turn right and follow the northern edge of the map. Keep right as the path forks to arrive at a shallow lake. The Enhanced Elemental Dust Moth will be in the middle of it, as part of a large group of mobs.

Glass Lotus Lake Monster Locations

Dewdrop Elemental Boss

It’s a bit of a trek to battle these guys. You need to go to the Flowstream Village but then head way north of it, through the village and up either of the slopes that lead up and north to the Sanctum of Water. Once inside, you’ll find several Dewdrop Elemental Boss mobs, the closest being a little to your west as you enter the sanctum proper.

Fierce Toadling

Head to the Flowstream Village Triport and go west, just below the village. Follow the path west, not southwest, onto a large shallow lake. You’ll find a Fierce Toadling spawns here, just on the north side of the massive central pink lily. If you don’t find one at this location, you can instead head directly north from here hugging the eastern edge of the area. If you get to the path that goes north to the Sanctum of Water, you’ve gone a little too far.

Enraged Treant

Start by porting over to the Foehn Plains Triport in the north of the area. Head directly east, until you see a path heading south to the small market area where you can find Potion Merchant Temil and Repairer Eddard. Instead of taking the path, keep heading east hugging the southern border along by the trees. A few steps further past the path you should come across an Enraged Treant.

Breezesome Brae Monster Locations

Wing Elemental Boss

Starting from the Breezesome Brae Triport, leave the village northeast across the long stone bridge and into the Verdure Plains. As you enter the area, turn left (north) and keep to the west side of the map. You should soon discover the Wing Elemental Boss you’re looking for here, before you reach the northern tip of the area.

Furious Fire Elemental

Head over to the Fairy Village Triport and take the path that heads southeast across to Dandelion Station. Head right across this large zone southeast to Flower Tree Farm, keeping to the eastern edge of the map. There are several Furious Fire Elementals spawning here, so just wander the burning streets until you find one. It won’t take you long.

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Xeneela Ruins Monster Locations

Lead Mutated Xeneelan Beast

Work your way west from the Contaminated village Triport and head up on the lift. At the top, follow the east side of the map as it winds its way south. As long as you stick to the east of the path, you’ll should come across a Lead Mutated Xeneelan Beast. If you get to the point where the path thins as it goes southwest, where it says Magick Epicenter on the map, you’ve just gone too far.

Enraged Xeneela Construct

If you start out at the Moonkeep Hill Triport, head directly southwest down the steps past the guards while hugging the right (northwest) edge of map. You should find your Enraged Xeneela Construct in a nook on your right as you go, almost opposite the point where you can climb down towards the Celestial Plaza. If you don’t find one here, head south to where Magmadon spawns. You’ll also find a construct spawns just south of that spot.

Resurrected Xeneelan Sylvain

Go to the Forgotten Grave Triport and head west, away from the Realm of Elementals dungeon. You’ll soon come to groups of Sylvain fighting against their resurrected brothers. Move past them and keep heading west through the camp. More Sylvain are fighting here, just north of the entrance to Moonkeep. You’ll either find your Resurrected Xeneelan Sylvain here, or east of that first camp. It seems to spawn randomly but is slightly larger than the others and carries the familiar golden mark above its head.

Old Xeneelan Relic

You can either start out from the Moonkeep Hill Triport or the portal in from Breezesome Brae – either way, it’s a bit of a trek to finds this one. Head to the small outpost in the southeast of the area, where you’ll find Potion Merchant Schlen and Repairer Iker. Leave by either exit and enter the area directly north of the camp to find an Old Xeneelan Relic amongst a large group of constructs.

Elzowin’s Shade Monster Locations

Mossrock Construct Boss

Portal in from Rothun or go to Shadowed Earth Triport – either way, leave the first area east and stick to southern edge of the map. You’ll soon come to a large nook on the south side of the path – and in it, you should find the Mossrock Construct Boss you seek. You’ll know you’ve found one as they’re the only ones here that will attack you. But if you damage any others while you battle, they’re sure to join in.

Dryad Boss

If you’ve found the Mossrock Construct Boss (above), all you need do is walk a few steps northeast into the next nook on the south side of the path – because there you should find a Dryad Boss. If you can’t find either one of them here, or if the area is being heavily camped, you can also find both monsters in West Knurlroot Forest.

Corrupted Phantom Demon Dog

Head north from East Knurlroot Forest Triport along the long path and into East Stardust Forest. As you enter it, immediately turn left and walk directly east across the area into its southwestern corner to find a Corrupt Phantom Demon Dog. If one isn’t spawning here, you’ll need to instead go to West Stardust Forest. If you take the ferry across from Shaded River, stick to the north of the map and go into its northwest corner (where you can also find a Mokoko Seed).

Wand Gargoyle Boss

Go south from East Stardust Forest Triport, then southwest at the first fork into Elzowin’s Embrace. Once you arrive, stick left along its eastern edge and work your way south. You should encounter a Wand Gargoyle Boss in the south-eastern corner. But if not, now work along the southern edge of Elzowin’s Embrace heading west, where there’s another spawn point in the southwest corner.

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