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Completing the Adventurer’s Tome for each continent of Lost Ark can be a welcome distraction from the unrelenting combat of the end game. Not only that, but it gives you priceless items and bonuses as you go — helping you in every other aspect of the game in the process. But, just because it isn’t all combat related, doesn’t make it easy.

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The Rohendel hidden stories are a good case in point. You simply have to find and investigate the seven stories. Simple, right? But they’re hidden across more than 20 locations, with four of them spread across more than one area map. And you’ll have a time limit to try and complete all but one of them, as they’re in several parts.

A Man Called The Sylvain Hunter – Elzowin’s Shade Hidden Story

This is a three-part story with all the sections close together in the same area of Elzowin’s Shade.

But you have just three minutes to get to part two after starting your investigation, and a further three minutes to find the final part. If you don’t find them in this time, you’ll have to start over.

Start out at the Forgotten Breach Triport and head east on the raft. Continue your journey east on the other side of the lake, heading northeast into the middle of the large area as it widens out.

When you get to the large waterfall in the centre of the area, look for an investigation icon at its southern tip, near a bright glowing plant. It’s a little to the left of a female researcher and right of a guardian.

Now head over to the east side of the waterfall, where you’ll find a guard next to the Elzowin’s Embrace vista location. North of it is another Divine Tree Guard – and just before him is part two of this story.

Finally, head a little further north and continue to track the edge of the waterfall as it turns west, along its northern edge. You’ll find the final piece of the story when you come to the next Divine Tree Guard.

Oath Of Blue Eyes – Three-Part Hidden Story

This is a three-part story spread across three different areas. After beginning, you’ll have a generous 20 minutes to find each of the other parts — but if you don’t make it, you’ll have to start the whole story again.

To begin, portal to Dawnkeep in Rothun and head southeast over the glass bridge into Magick Market. Go to the south side to where Exchange Ignea Tokens NPC Bird is standing. You’ll find part one a little to his left.

Head across to the Moonkeep Hill Triport in Xeneela Ruins. Leave southwest down the steps and keep heading that way, keeping to the left of the path and looking out for the climb down point.

At the bottom, turn left and work your way along the wall heading northeast. After a few steps you’ll come to some large statues, and before them is a small book on the floor. Read it to progress to part three.

Finally, teleport to the Shadowed Earth Triport in Elzowin’s Shade. Head south from the camp by the east exit and head east, keeping south by going right at the next fork.

There will be a nook to your right shortly afterwards, where you’ll find the final part of the story.

The Past Lost – Four-Part Hidden Story

Go northwest from the Empyrean Plaza Triport in Rothun and up the steps. If you walk just to the right of the doors to the palace and investigate there, you’ll begin The Past Lost.

It’s a four-part story across multiple zones, but you have 20 minutes to find parts two and three — plenty of time if you use triports. You only have five minutes to get to the final part, but that is very close by.

Next, you need to head to the Fairy Village Triport in Breezesome Brae. Walk northeast, past Potion Merchant Symmerus, and then up the little slope south past Mail Carrier Mei Lin.

Part two is on the left at the top of the slope, in front of the big pink flower.

Now, you’re off to Forgotten Grave Triport in Xeneela Ruins. Leave the area west, sticking to the south edge of map.

Just before this area starts to thin again, the third part of the story is at the edge of the path on the south side, just before a pile of large skulls. If you get to the Xeneela Ruins, where the guards outside aren’t being attacked, you’ve gone too far.

Finally, head back east from part three — this time sticking to the northern edge of the map. In a large nook almost back to the portal, you’ll see a Sylvain with white robes and a staff.

To his left is another pile of skulls, and further left are several warriors fighting. The final part is right by them.

The Secret Recipe – Four-Part Hidden Story

This is a four-part story, with the first two and final parts in Lake Shiverwave, but the third over in Elzowin’s Shade.

You only have three minutes to get to the second section after finding the first, then five to get to the third and five minutes once more to finish up the story. This sounds tight, but the first two pieces are very close to each other, the third is very close to a triport, and the last is a short run from one.

To begin, go northwest across Rainbow Bridge from the Dock Triport in Lake Shiverwave and up the two sets of steps on the other side, into Lake Market.

At the top of the steps, just to the left of the golden pillar, you’ll see an odd 12-sided green box. This will begin the story.

Walk a few steps past this box, heading west, and immediately go down the stone steps there.

To the southwest is a wooden archway – and on the right of it, obscured by the arch, another green box containing part two of the secret.

Immediately jump across to the Shadowed Earth Triport in Elzowin’s Shade. Walk a few steps east, and cut south down the slope between the wooden barricades.

At the bottom of this short slope, you’ll see the next box on the right-hand side of the path.

Finally, teleport to the Fairy Settlement Triport back in Lake Shiverwave. Run immediately southwest along the path out of the village into an area full of Sakuul mobs.

Go left of the huge rock in front of you and directly southwest across this area, until you see a small wooden jetty with a boat moored at it.

Just to the right of the jetty entrance, you’ll see a familiar-looking green box, which will conclude The Secret Recipe.

A Song Of The Phantom – Xeneela Ruins Hidden Story

Our two-part story begins at the entrance to Xeneela Ruins from Breezesome Brae.

As you arrive through the portal, go over and investigate the broken wagon on the right of the path.

From here, your quickest option is to triport to Moonkeep Hill and head directly into Moonkeep. You have 20 minutes to complete the quest, so there’s no rush.

Head into the keep itself and follow the path right, around to the elevator. Go down to the lower level and directly across it southwest. On the far side, you’ll conclude the story.

The Story Of My Grandfather – Glass Lotus Lake Hidden Story

This is a single part story, but be ready for a fight.

It sits in a rather feisty spot which seems to be constantly spawning a variety of mobs, so you won’t have much time to investigate the icon between taking down creatures. It’s also a long way from civilization, as you’ll have to run a long way north after porting into the Flowstream Village Triport.

You need to go right up into the Sanctum of Water, turning directly left as you enter. The hidden story is just past the Archdemon Pod, near a root that’s growing over a stream.

Unsaid Words – Five-Part Hidden Story

While this five-part story is across two areas, it begins very near the Breezesome Brae portal to Xeneela Ruins, and all the other parts are there.

Look for a note on the floor to the left of the path on the way up to the portal, on the opposite side of the path from a windmill.

You have a generous 20 minutes to get to Moonkeep Hill. You’ll find part two just outside the keep, to the right of the door next to Repairer NPC Rielippe.

Again, you have 20 minutes to find part three, but there are no shortcuts this time.

Saddle up and leave Moonkeep southwest. Go as far as you can go, until the path heads west before starting to turn northwest.

When this path opens up into a larger area, hug the left as you enter zombie territory. You’ll find part three along the cliff edge.

You only have 10 minutes to find part four, but it’s not far away. Head north, this time sticking to the right of the area.

If you’re going the right way, you’ll pass a Xeneelan Sylvain NPC, and just beyond him a little way is a book on the floor. Read it to complete part four.

Finally, head back to Moonkeep Hill (you have 20 minutes again), and this time go inside. Follow the path left to the dead end, and you’ll find the conclusion to this tale in the second to last bookshelf.

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