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There are lots of items worth collecting as you play through Lost Ark, one of the most significant being Island Souls. There are around 100 to collect, and each five you find will open up a new reward. These include a unique compass you can equip as an item, alongside secret maps, masterpieces and other valuable goodies.

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There is an Island Soul and two mokoko seeds to collect on Reminiscence Isle. But while it is always accessible to land at, be aware that the recommended item requirement level for the island is 460. There are Imps, Elementals and Wolves to battle here too, but they give no significant rewards.

Where Is Reminiscence Isle?

The easiest way to get to Reminiscence Isle is to begin from Wavestrand Port in East Luterra. Once you leave the port, sail directly south through Platina Ocean past Wisdom Isle and down into the Acheron Sea. Be careful if you set an auto-path to the island, as it is surrounded on three sides by Dead Waters which can quickly do some serious damage to your ship. However, it is possible to sail there avoiding the Dead Waters. Hug the coast until you get past Black Stone Marina and continue to follow the shoreline a little west – then you’ll be able to guide yourself all the way to the island in calm waters.

Island Soul

The quest for the island’s soul begins almost as soon as you leave your ship, by investigating the strange glowing blue presence (it looks like a portal) at the crossroads you arrive at. The first several parts have you following what seems to be the ghost of a monk as it leads you around the island. There is no marker, but you see the way he goes (east) so it’s easy to follow him. But be warned – you will have to fight though Imps along the way (there are also wolves, but they’re non-aggro).

You’ll find out the blue glows are called Time Cores. The next one is in the northeast corner of the island. After interacting with it, head west and then south to experience the next vision from the past. The phantom now stands on a small wooden jetty.

Afterwards, continue on this path as it heads southwest (almost back to where you started out). You’ll enter an abandoned village full of ghosts. The third Time Core is in the north of the village, in front of a collapsed building. Leave the village southwest, and you’ll find the next vision spot on the path as you go.

Continue along this path west, and it opens up into another village area, filled with more ghosts. There’s another Time Core in the centre of the village. Continue to walk through the village just a little way northwest to see the next vision, at the start of the path that leaves it to the west. Here you’ll also find Mikeel’s Journal on the ground.

Walk back into the village and leave by the northern exit, sticking to the left of the path, and you’ll soon come to the final Time Core. Once you activate it, a dungeon entrance will appear on your map in the top northwest corner of the island (the entrance only appears once you complete the quest this far). Head inside to continue the quest, My Truest Friend.

Once inside the dungeon, you will take on the form of the monk Mikeel. You need to find Nomed by finding four traces of him inside the dungeon. Take the first left as you enter and interact with the stone tablet. Continue along the path northeast and enter the next room on the left, this time reading the large white parchment on the table. Next, follow the long thin path into the large final room on the east of the dungeon. As you enter it, stick to the left. You need to interact with the candlestick on the second table. Finally, head to the ornate stone structure at the end of the room in the centre. After a short cinematic, you’ll find yourself back outside. Investigate the final Time Core by the entrance to conclude the quest line – and claim the Reminiscence Isle Soul.

Reminiscence Isle Quests

There are no Una’s Quests that take you to Reminiscence Isle, or any other quests on the island. The dungeon remains available and repeatable, but only gives rewards the first time through.

Mokoko Seeds

This is quite a frustrating place to search for mokoko seeds, as there are many investigation spaces that pop up all over the island – but the vast majority are just adding story to the island’s main quest chain. However, there are two mokoko seeds to find.

To find the first, head east along the path from the crossroads where you first arrive on the island. It is on the left of the path hidden behind the collapsed wall of a building, just before you get to the first jetty on your right.

The second is in the second village you come to as you follow the Island Soul quest, which is southeast of the dungeon entrance (or west from where you arrive on the island). It is slightly obscured by a bush, on some wooden planks near some provisions.

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