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Lost Ark's Anguished Isle is closely connected to the main story of Punika, as the focus of its narrative lies with some of the women of Punika’s militia, particularly those who fell to the madness of the Mayhem Legion (and some survivors). It is also a direct continuation of Stella’s story (one of the higher-ups in Kakul Saydon’s army), whom you already defeated in the main story quest line in Punika.

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There’s a decent number of activities to do here, but it’s important to note that there is no Una’s Task related to Anguished Isle. That said, there still is an Island Soul to acquire, along with a total of six Mokoko Seeds, three of which are within the island’s dungeon.

Where Is Anguished Isle?

Anguished Isle is located in the southern Sea of Procyon. It’s right next to Punika’s port (Tideshelf Path), so it’s not that big of a hassle to get there. This island also sits amidst level four Tempest Seas, so take caution when making your way over there.

Though the story of Anguished Isle is clearly linked to that of Punika, there is no quest on the continent that prompts you to go to this island. You’ve got to come here of your own accord.

Garden Of Despair

Garden of Despair is the island’s dungeon, which can only be entered with a Garden of Despair Key, which is consumed on use, meaning you need to get a new one each time you want to enter the dungeon. That said, aside from the island’s initial quest chain, which gives you a key, the only way to receive more keys is via the island’s daily quest, “May They Find Peace.”

Island Soul

Anguished Isle’s Island Soul is an random drop from Broken Stella, the final boss of the Garden of Despair dungeon. You’ve only got one shot at this a day (except the first day, when you’ve got two keys from completing the initial quest chain as well as the daily), so be prepared for a bit of a grind.

Broken Stella also has a chance to drop Omnium Star #6, another line of collectibles that can net you some sweet rewards.

Island Currency

The currency you acquire on this island is called “Crimson Skein,” and there is a vendor right in front of the Garden of Despair entrance whom you can exchange these with. While most of the items she sells (Gem Chests, engraving Chests, and a legendary Overwhelm rune) have Roster Limits, meaning you can only buy a fixed number of these items across your entire Roster, two items only have character limits:

  • Life Leapstone Chest (tier two honing leapstones), 10 Crimson Skeins each.
  • Honor Leapstone Chest (tier three honing leapstones), 20 Crimson Skeins each.

Each character can buy up to 50 of these chests, so keep this in mind if you’re short tier two and tier three leapstones.

There is also one item that you can buy an infinite amount of – Hollowfruit – which costs 600 Crimson Skeins and is a rapport item. It is Shana’s favorite but can certainly be used for other Rapports (for lower point gain, of course) if you’ve already got Shana at trusted.

With all this in mind, it most certainly pays to continually grind out the daily quest and dungeon on this island every day even after you’ve attained the Island Soul and Omnium Star from Broken Stella. An infinite supply of rapport gifts is nothing to scoff at, for if you pay Anguished Isle a daily visit, you could really boost the speed with which you get your Rapports done by buying the Hollowfruit gift on repeat.

If you’ve got a spare Bifrost point, setting one to Anguished Isle would be a convenient way to be able to do the daily activities there. However, if you don’t have a spare Bifrost key, the next-best option would be setting your Song of Return to Punika, getting you as close as you can otherwise possibly get to Anguished Isle.

The value will add up over time really well, as the number of Crimson Skeins rewarded to you through the daily activities can get you a Hollowfruit every one to two days (provided you’re not spending the Crimson Skeins on anything else or have already bought everything from the vendor that you want).

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Mokoko Seed One

The first Mokoko Seed is on the eastern tip of the island, right by the rays of sunlight poking through the darkness. It’s very well obscured behind some shrubbery as well.

Mokoko Seed Two

The second Mokoko Seed is off-map and its hidden entrance is at the northern tip of the island (left image). In order to access it, you must break down the large wall, and the seed lies in wait for you down the newly revealed path.

Mokoko Seed Three

The third Mokoko Seed is in the northern area of the map and is, once again, off-map. This seed requires Forest’s Minuet to access, indicated by the large vine-gated archway (left image). Play the song near said archway and walk all the way down the presented path to pick up your third Mokoko Seed (right image).

Mokoko Seed Four

The fourth Mokoko Seed is the first seed in the dungeon, Garden of Despair, and is yet again off-map. The hidden entrance is on the southern strip of the dungeon, as shown in the left image above. Walk through the shrubbery and follow the path down to the end for your fourth Mokoko Seed.

Mokoko Seed Five

The fifth Mokoko Seed is obscured by grass just before the first jumping point in the dungeon. Be careful though, as you can’t return to the first part of the dungeon once you jump across to the second part. So, if you miss it, you’ll need to wait until you can run the dungeon again the next day in order to get back to that spot (or you can get yourself killed, respawn at the entrance, and walk there again).

Mokoko Seed Six

The sixth Mokoko Seed is a bit tricky to obtain. It is off-map, and its hidden entrance is at the back of the final room (where you fight Broken Stella), at the northern tip of the dungeon. The annoying part here is that you can’t break the wall down yourself to access the seed.

During the Broken Stella boss fight, she spawns a small group of clowns at 50 percent health. Once they close the distance on you, they self-destruct. That said, what you have to do is bring a total of five of the clown-adds to the hidden entrance and have them self-destruct on top of the wall (left image), which will cause it to break and open the pathway to the fifth Mokoko Seed.

This mechanic can be skipped if you kill her too fast, so take it slow if you’re ridiculously geared and wait for her to spawn the five clowns at 50 percent health. Also, be aware that she only spawns the clown-adds once per fight, meaning you’ve got one shot per dungeon run to break the wall.

In the room with the sixth Mokoko Seed, there is a single monster you can kill. Once you do, it drops “A Rusty Necklace” which prompts the quest “A Lost Belonging,” which will net you some silver and 300 Crimson Skeins. Bear in mind, however, that this quest is a one-time thing and is not repeatable.

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