Outlaw Isle is one of the select few islands of Lost Ark that allows for player-versus-player (PvP) combat. It also happens to be one of the smallest islands in the game. That said, a tiny island coupled with PvP is a recipe for all-out chaos, so it’s a good thing there isn’t a whole lot to do here.

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Outlaw Isle does have an Island Soul available, as well as one Mokoko Seed, but that’s it. There is no Una’s Task related to this island, nor is there a quest chain to do here (except the quest from White Wave Island). So let’s see how to get the soul and seed here and be done with this little island.

Where Is Outlaw Isle?

Outlaw Isle is located in the Sea of Procyon, just past the central Wall of Procyon, and marked by two crossed red swords. The quickest way to get there (without a Bifrost point) is by coming from Punika, but you have to sail through level four Tempest Seas for the quickest route.

Otherwise, coming from South Vern’s port (Bellion Ruins) is almost equidistant without any hazardous seas on the route, making it the safer option.

Island Soul

The Island Soul for Outlaw Isle is an RNG drop from the chests that spawn on the island. The golden chests have a higher chance of dropping the souls, but bear in mind that all the chests have a respawn timer, so they may not be there when you arrive.

Outlaw Isle always has PvP active, so just be aware that anyone can pick a fight with anyone here.

Normally, people are nice and leave you be, but there is always the chance that someone will fight you for a chest.

Mokoko Seed

Outlaw Isle only has a single Mokoko Seed, in the southern portion of the island. It is decently hidden by the rowboat, but easily visible from certain angles.

Due to the small size of the island, it is very possible that you may be interrupted by random area-of-effect (aoe) abilities from other players while trying to pick up the Mokoko Seed (or a chest), so just be aware of who else is on the island with you.

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