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Orvis Island is one of the spookier islands Lost Ark has to offer and seems to be very Halloween-esq with all its pumpkins with faces carved into them. The atmosphere is very dark too, and this island is home to one of Arkesia’s Field Bosses: Harvest Lord Incarnate.

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Orvis Island is a tier two island, so tier one players, make sure to keep your distance. Furthermore, there are tier two foraging and mining nodes here if you want to work on your Life Skills, but there are a lot of hostile mobs on the island, making gathering a bit annoying. Anyway, there’s a nice chunk of things to do here’s, so let’s check them out.

Where Is Orvis Island?

Orvis Island is located in the southern Sea of Gienah, southeast of East Luterra.

Orvis Island sits amidst level two Dead Waters; make sure you prepare your ship for them.

Island Soul

The way to obtain the island soul (or token) of Orvis Island is pretty straightforward, as all you need to do is kill the field boss Harvest Lord Incarnate. That said, it is an RNG drop, so be prepared to slay this big, pumpkin-headed, scythe-wielding boss a few times.

Harvest Lord Incarnate is not always present, as he spawns according to the Procyon’s Compass timers. Keep an eye out for when world bosses are active, as they aren’t available every single day due to their rotation with the other three events on Procyon’s Compass.

Mokoko Seeds

Orvis Island only has two Mokoko Seeds on it, both of which are in a relatively simple spot, though it requires the Song of Resonance to access.

The hidden entrance to both seeds is found on the tip of the southeastern strip of the island (left image). Play the Song of Resonance next to it, and the statue will slide back to reveal the glowing golden transportation box. Step onto it, and you will be taken to a small room, with both seeds located within (right image).

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Una’s Task

Una’s Task for Orvis Island isn’t anything complicated, as it only requires that you destroy ten pumpkins. The picture above is the best spot to do it, as there are no nearby mobs to attack you, and you can destroy two pumpkins at a time. That said, a total of 30 days is required to max out this task’s reputation, and there are three tiers to this task:

  • Tier one – 70/70 (seven dailies), rewards 35,000 silver.
  • Tier two – 80/80 (eight dailies), rewards 40,000 silver and an expertise potion.
  • Tier three – 150/150 (fifteen dailies), rewards crafting recipe: pumpkin scarecrow, a stat increase potion, vitality increase potion, and 76,000 silver.

Harvest Lord Incarnate should have yielded you the island soul by the time you finish this daily, but if not, just keep at it! Luck will be in your favor eventually.

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