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Much of the Lost Ark metagame is about collecting items. Whether it be collectibles for your Adventurer’s Tome, Mokoko Seeds, or crafting materials, there’s a lot to do as well as fighting. But with so many areas and continents to explore, it can be difficult to remember all the best places to collect all those gatherable goodies.

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There are six trade skills in Lost Ark, one of which is foraging. Starting from the game’s third continent, West Luterra, you’ll begin to see foraging nodes popping up on your main and mini maps. It’s important to keep your crafting levels high because the most valuable items will only be forgeable once you get to foraging level 30. So, what are the best places to level up foraging in Lost Ark?

Foraging Reminder Checklist

No matter where you go to level up foraging, these are some helpful tips you always need to keep in the front of your mind:

  • Switching instances: As these are the best foraging spots in Lost Ark, you may find a lot of other players in the same areas. Remember that in busy places, you can often switch instances by using the dropdown menu in the top-right of your screen. Hopefully, an alternative instance will have fewer players foraging.
  • Upgrade your tools: By buying recipes from the traders in your stronghold, you can upgrade your Apprentice Foraging Tool to an Adept Foraging Tool. This will increase your gathering speed and foraging bonus and can give other benefits such as Super Armour, which prevents attacking mobs from interrupting your forage timer.
  • Energy and repair: If you’re planning a long foraging stint, remember to take some Basic Life Energy Potions with you. Also, if you’re somewhere remote and your tool needs repairing, you can simply use the repairer at your stronghold by playing Song of Hearth and Home – and then return to where you were foraging with Song of Escape.

Early Game Foraging Spots

Medrick Monastry (West Luterra)

The earliest good foraging area you’ll come to after starting to play Lost Ark is in Medrick monastery in West Luterra. Head to the Freyad Lake Triport, or portal in from Bilbrin Forest. The area around the lake, as well as the paths and grottos to the east and south, are all rich in foraging plants, and most of them are mob-free areas.

  • Dreamwalker Flower

Dyorika Plain (East Luterra)

You have a couple of good spots once you advance to East Luterra, including Dyorika Plain. This large farming area has plant foraging nodes right across the map, so you can port into either Monterque Manor or Bishu Manor and roam freely. The circuit from Monterque Manor clockwise through Monterque Ranch especially has a lot of great nodes but also a lot of annoying mobs.

  • Dreamwalker Flower

Croconys Shore (East Luterra)

There are lots of foraging nodes to be had in Croconys Shore, but our favourite area is in the west of the zone. If you use the portal from Wavestrand Port, you’ll find a long line of crafting materials (plants and trees) running from Memorial Monument all the way down to the Wild Market area. Many are uncontested, and the mobs you do find are all standard ones, so they’re not too tough.

  • Dreamwalker Flower

The Best Islands For Foraging

Lullaby Island

In theory, Lullaby Island is a great place to harvest ore and trees, as well as forage for plants. It is just a short sail across calm waters to the east of East Luterra’s Wavestrant Port. You arrive at a large and peaceful island with loads of nodes, including rare ones. However, it is also home to one of Lost Ark’s most popular repeatable quests, so there are often lots of players competing for the same nodes.

  • Dreamwalker Flower, Forsythia Mushroom
  • Rare: Exquisite Sunset Primrose, Exquisite Sparrow Mushroom

Slime Island

The quickest route to Slime Island is via a short sail west from Arid Path in Arthetine. However, you need to know that Slime Island is an always-on PvP zone, so by going there, you’re putting yourself at risk of being killed by other players. And there are loads of slime mobs on the island, so you’ll need to bring your fighting boots too. However, the trade-off is an awful lot of foraging nodes, including a lot around the entrance where you arrive.

  • Dreamwalker Flower, Forsythia Mushroom
  • Rare: Exquisite Sunset Primrose, Exquisite Sparrow Mushroom

Orvis Island

You’ll find Orvis Island a short sail south from Wavestrand Port in East Luterra. It's in a level two Dead Waters Sea, so make sure you’re in an appropriate ship to deal with that. Also, it is inhabited by quite numerous strong mobs. The pay-off is worth it, though, as there are loads of foraging nodes in a small area and the only times it may get busy is when the raid boss, Harvest Lord Incarnate, is spawning (once every few days).

  • Ever Flower, Clown Mushroom
  • Rare: Exquisite Lilium Flower, Exquisite Deep Sea Mushroom

The Best Foraging Places For T3 And Later Game

Delphi Township (Anikka)

There are several good spots for foraging in the Delphi Township area of Anikka in Lost Ark. The most easily accessible are the fields around the Delphi Township Farmland Triport in the east of the area. There are quite a lot of Crop Thief mobs here, which agro from long range, but they are very weak. Alternatively, you can head up to Delphi Forest, north of the dangerous Salon area. It’s a pain as there is no triport nearby. But the trade-off is a good number of tightly packed foraging nodes with no mobs.

  • Dreamwalker Flower, Forsythia Mushroom
  • Rare: Exquisite Sunset Primrose, Exquisite Sparrow Mushroom

Breezesome Brae (Rohendel)

Petal Glen in the north has a lot of crafting nodes, but there are also lots of trees and ore. On the plus side, it doesn’t have many mobs, and they’re all big, slow elementals that are easy to avoid. The large Windy Hill is the same story, except that the elementals here are smaller, faster, more plentiful, and thankfully squishier. Verdure Plains in the centre of the area and Breezesome Forest to the south usually have the most nodes – but also a lot of annoying elementals.

  • Dreamwalker Flower, Forsythia Mushroom
  • Rare: Exquisite Sunset Primrose, Exquisite Sparrow Mushroom

Tideshelf Path (Punikka)

Tideshelf Path is the first area you get to on the continent of Punikka. Head to the Central Plaza Triport in the centre of the map and then head west. There are nodes in the small area you get to, all the way up the path to Mellow Beach. While there aren’t that many crafting spots, and there is also wood and ore mixed in, these foraging nodes are completely mob free and safe. If you head across the bridge to the Ashen Volcanic Area you’ll find loads more nodes, but also a lot of angry Volcanic Scorpion mobs.

  • Red Velvet Flower, Freckled Mushroom
  • Rare: Exquisite Snowbloom, Exquisite Fairy Mushroom

Platinum Fields (Nahun’s Domain)

As you explore more and more crafting nodes of all kinds, you’ll start to find tickets to enter Platinum Fields. These tickets are random drops, and the first one you get will trigger a guide quest. This will tell you how to use your ticket, but not too much else.

The important thing to remember is that if you want to collect foraging materials, you need to choose the Nahun’s Domain Platinum Field from the two on offer. Also, remember you only have 15 minutes to collect before you’re kicked out again. If you play with friends or in a guild, take other people along in your team to maximise the gains. It will also increase the chance of opening up special areas and receiving bonus rewards, which can be highly lucrative.

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