Guardian Raids serve as one of Lost Ark's core endgame activities. You and three other players will have 20 minutes to hunt down a single Guardian boss, a massive creature with a unique moveset and mechanics. Defeating these bosses is key to upgrading your character, so you'll want to ensure that you clear two Guardian Raids each day.

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Ur'nil is the first Guardian you'll face and by far the easiest. This fight doesn't have many tough mechanics for players to juggle, giving you a great proving ground to test your reflexes and overall build. We'll be going over how to access Guardian Raids to take on Ur'nil, the attacks this boss uses, and give some general tips for those who are struggling.

Updated May 18, 2022: We've updated this article to include a helpful video guide that tells you everything you need to know about defeating Ur'nil in Lost Ark.

How To Unlock Guardian Raids

You'll unlock Guardian Raids upon reaching level 50 and completing the "[Guide] Guardian Raid Certificate" quest. If you have an active quest that requires you to kill Ur'nil and can't queue for a Guardian Raid through the playlist board, look through the guides tab of your quest journal to start this quest. Finishing it will unlock the ability to access the Guardian Raid menu. Alternatively, you can use the LFG tool under your minimap to find a group that wants to hunt Ur'nil.

Defeating Ur'nil

Ur'nil Guardian Overview
Item Level 302
Tier 1
Weakness Water damage
Tileset Red Sand Desert
Special Mechanics None

Ur'nil is a massive bear that loves to knock people prone. This fight is mostly a test to see if your team knows how to effectively dodge and counter attacks. Most of Ur'nil's attacks are used at melee range, although he does have a charge and lunge attack that can throw you off guard.

Gearing And Finding Ur'nil

Healing potions (the ones that grant flat HP regen per second) cannot be used in Guardian Raids. Bring percent HP potions instead.

While 20 minutes is more than enough time to find the boss, you'll want to save as much time as possible for the boss fight itself. That's where flares come in. Flares are a battle item you can use to show the Guardian's location on your minimap. Ensure that at least one member of your team has a set of flares at the ready (keys 1-4 on your keyboard). Beyond that, bring potions that grant percent healing. If you're short on either item type, you can craft them using your stronghold's workshop.

Ur'nil's Attacks

Here's what Ur'nil is capable of:

  • Swipe: Ur'nil swings its claws before making a barrage of attacks in front of himself. The final attack is an AoE that inflicts knockdown.
  • Charge: Ur'nil will move back slightly before charging forward, slamming the ground after moving a short distance.
    • Has two variants: a claw slam and a headbutt. Both effectively do the same thing.
  • Slam: Ur'nil will stand up before slamming the ground, inflicting knockdown to anyone in the blast radius.
  • Charge (Counter): Ur'nil will begin to glow blue and charge at someone. Using a counter skill before Ur'nil hits someone will stun the boss temporarily.

As you can see, this Guardian is a straightforward fight without many mechanics. You're mainly looking out for Ur'nil's charge attacks, particularly the charge you can counter. Whenever he glows blue, using a counterattack skill (explained below) in front of the boss will cancel the attack and inflict a stun. A unique noise and UI pop-up will let your team know if the counter was successful.

To avoid the boss' other attacks, use your dodge alongside one or two movement skills. Every class has at least one movement skill, so be sure it's equipped. You might want to activate Tripods on said skill to improve your mobility further.

When you deal substantial damage to a Guardian, it will relocate to a new section of the map. If this happens, use a flare to mark the boss on everyone's minimap.

What's A Counterattack Skill?

Some skills in Lost Ark feature the counterattack tag under their main description, meaning that they can counter certain attacks. Whenever the boss for a particular activity glows blue, using a counterattack directly in front of the boss will cancel the attack and stun them for a few seconds, giving your team a small damage window. If the skill has the word "counterattack" in its description or states "Counter: Yes" under its main description, it can counter these blue attacks.

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Ur'nil Tips

  • Attack Ur'nil's back when possible. Ur'nil can't do much when it's not facing you.
  • Bring Clay Grenades. These grenades deal immense Earth damage, something Ur'nil is weak to.
  • Swiftness Robes can be useful for melee characters, making it easier to avoid Ur'nil's slam attacks.
  • Bring at least one movement skill to dodge attacks, preferably two.
  • When knocked down, don't immediately recover unless you're in danger. The cooldown period for knockdown recovery is incredibly long and should be used sparingly.
  • Should Ur'nil relocate to another part of the map, head back to the center of the map to restock on potions and flares.

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