Learning a Guardian's moveset can be one of the trickiest things you'll encounter at the start of your Lost Ark endgame journey. Defeating these Guardians can be a real challenge to newcomers, but the rewards are more than worth it.

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Lumerus is the second Guardian boss you'll fight in Lost Ark, serving as a step up from Ur'nal. His attacks are slightly faster, cover a wider range, and have more pronounced telegraphs. We'll be going over how this fight works, what gear to bring, and give some tips on how to survive Lumerus' onslaught of ice attacks. Let's start by covering the basics of this fight.

How To Defeat Lumerus

Lumerus Guardian Overview
Item Level 340
Tier 1
Weakness Dark damage
Tileset Foggy Ridge
Special Mechanics None


Similar to Ur'nal, you'll only need HP potions and flares for this fight. HP potions will be your main source of healing—your only source if you lack a support—and flares allow your team to quickly find the boss. If your team is still struggling to down this boss, have each person bring Dark Grenades. These pack a serious punch and deal extra damage to Lumerus. All of these items can be crafted at your stronghold.

Lumerus' Attacks

Lumerus is a slightly more complex version of Ur'nal, the last Guardian you fought. Unlike that fight, Lumerus features a number of ranged attacks that might catch some ranged DPS classes off guard. Bring a few movement skills, try to stay near the Guardian's back, and don't get greedy with attacks to finish this fight.

Here is every attack you can expect to see during this fight:

  • Swipe: Lumerus will make a single swipe attack towards anyone standing near him.
  • Retreat: Lumerus can quickly leap back to avoid an incoming attack. The follow-up for this action is random.
  • Breath (Glow): Lumerus will glow white and breathe in, releasing an AoE cone attack shortly thereafter. Stay away from its head to avoid this attack.
  • Leap (Glow): Lumerus will glow white and leap into the air. When he lands, a massive shockwave will erupt in front of him, knocking players upward.
  • Charge (Counter): Lumerus will glow blue and attempt to charge. Hitting the Guardian's head with a counterattack skill will stagger the boss.
  • One-Two Punch: The boss will create two circles in front of its head before releasing a wide AoE breath attack.
    • This attack immediately spawns Eruption during phase two.
  • Eruption: Lumerus will slam the ground and channel his energy, creating small ice pockets around the area. They explode after a short duration.
  • Ice Blast (Glow): Lumerus will begin to shake his head and create ice pulses around himself. On the third pulse, a massive AoE that inflicts knockdown will spawn around him. Stand behind Lumerus to avoid the attack.
    • This attack is faster in phase two.

When you lower Lumerus' HP to 50% of so, he will attempt to leave the area and start his second phase. Lumerus is slightly stronger in phase two, combing his one-two punch and eruption attacks while hastening the cast time of his ice blast AoE. The best way to counter Lumerus is with good positioning. Standing behind Lumerus makes it nigh-impossible for most of his attacks to hit you and is the only reliable counter to his ice blast AoE. For solo players using a melee character, you'll want to wait for the eruption attack before attacking Lumerus, as the animation and recovery windows for this skill are quite lengthy.

Lumerus Tips

  • Stay behind the boss. Just about every attack can be countered by standing behind Lumerus' tail, especially his glowing attacks.
  • Move counterclockwise. This will avoid most of Lumerus' melee attacks.
  • Bring a counterattack skill to give yourself a damage opening when Lumerus charges.
  • Dark Grenades deal bonus damage to Lumerus.

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