The first four Guardian Raids in Lost Ark serve as an introduction to endgame mechanics. These bosses are fairly easy when compared to Abyss Dungeons, yet they train you to improve your positioning and skill usage. Plus they give quite a few upgrade materials, so they're always worth running.

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Icy Legoros is the third boss of the first set of Guardian Raids, acting as the first boss with debuffs. Players that have movement skills should have no issue taking on this icy beast. But for those who are new to Guardian Raids or struggling to defeat this boss, we'll break down every attack in this fight and the best ways to counter them.

How To Defeat Icy Legoros

Icy Legoros Guardian Overview
Item Level 380
Tier 1
Weakness Lightning damage
Tileset Frost Haven
Special Mechanics Can freeze players


HP potions are a no-brainer here, although you might want at least one party member to bring flares. This will let you mark the boss on your minimap, making them much easier to find. Beyond that, your last two battle item slots are up to you. Electric Grenades are a good idea since the boss is weak to lightning damage, but this isn't required. Support characters should consider bringing Sacred Charms to remove the freeze debuff from allies. DPS characters should bring Pheromone Bombs to prevent Legoros from retreating. All of these battle items can be crafted at your stronghold.

Icy Legoros' Attacks

If you could handle Lumerus, you can handle Icy Legoros. This fight relies heavily on reading telegraphs and staying on the move. Avoid standing in front of the Guardian, and remember to use your movement skills and dash when an attack is incoming. Speaking of attacks, here's what Icy Legoros will do throughout the fight:

  • Swipe: Icy Legoros will swipe at anyone in front of him two times. Move counterclockwise to avoid.
  • Triple Jump: Legoros will slam the ground and leap at someone three times. The third leap inflicts knockdown and has a longer windup. Runaway from Legoros to avoid.
  • Icy Leap: Legoros will leap in the air and mark a portion of the ground with ice. After a second, he'll land atop that icy patch, stunning anyone in the AoE. Use a movement skill to avoid the ground telegraph.
  • Charge (Counter): Shortly after glowing blue, Legoros will charge at you, inflicting knockdown when hit.
  • Freezing Breath: Legoros will jump back before releasing a narrow breath attack. This breath attack freezes players for three seconds. Run perpendicular to Legoros' head to avoid the hit.
    • Legoros can just execute the dodge portion of this attack with no follow-up.

It's also worth noting that Legoros will unleash an ice AoE attack when he recovers from a stagger, so don't get too greedy during stagger windows. This only applies when his poise breaks; using a counter skill won't cause this AoE blast to occur.

Overall, this fight is all about movement. Position yourself to the side of Legoros whenever possible, and run away from him whenever he slams the ground. For DPS characters that have front-facing attacks, it's best to attack Legoros at the end of one of his attacks. He has to recover for a few seconds before he attacks again, giving you a small window to deal some damage. Front-facing DPS characters should also have a counter skill at the ready for when Legoros attempts to charge.

Icy Legoros Tips

  • Use Pheremone Bombs. Legoros loves to run away, and these bombs prevent him from doing so. Use one whenever Legoros becomes immune to damage.
  • If unlocked, use your Awakening skill whenever you counter or stun Legoros to deal some serious damage.
  • Movement speed buffs and movement skills make this fight much easier. Bring one or two movement skills to avoid the icy leap attack.
  • Use Tripods that morph your damage into lightning. The boss is weak to that element, and most lightning Tripods give your skill bonus critical stats to further improve your DPS.

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