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Dark Legoros is the first Raid Guardian you'll face in the third level of Raids, accessible once you hit item in 802. You'll probably recognize Legoros from the previous Guardian Raid, Icy Legoros. Thankfully, Dark Legoros is also quite a straightforward Raid Guardian. This short guide just covers some basic mechanics and tips.

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Lost Ark's endgame is made up of Dungeons and Guardian Raids, plus other content like the Cube, Tower, or Island questing. These short guides cover Guardian Raid mechanics to help you on your journey toward Tier 3.

How To Defeat Dark Legoros

Dark Legoros is quite a straightforward Guardian Raid. The mechanics are as follows:

  • The Breath attack - this is the main attack used by Legoros during this Guardian Raid. It deals significant damage and also applies stacks of the Blind debuff, which keep stacking and stacking until you are almost entirely blind. See the image below.
  • You will notice when Legoros is about to perform this breath attack due to the change of stance and glowing around the head. It's best to avoid this attack, although in theory the blindness only reduces your ability to hit the boss, and does not deal any damage.
  • Like other Guardian Raid bosses, Legoros can be countered during its charge attack. Wait until the boss glows Blue and then time your counter ability to stagger the boss. This allows your team to do extra damage while the boss is stun-locked.
  • Legoros also has an AoE attack that slows you and applies a darkness debuff. The boss also fires projectiles that inflict the darkness debuff.

General Tips For The Fight

  • Bring pots, and remember that you can refill pots by returning to the starting area.
  • Panacea can be used to cleanse the Darkness debuff - other cleansing buffs, such as from the Paladin, can also remove the debuff.
  • Dark Legoros is quite mobile and will teleport around the fight a lot. You can the boss in certain parts of the map to make the battle easier.
  • Over-geared? Guardian Raids scale according to how many players are tackling the boss. It might be quicker to solo this Guardian Raid.

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