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Calventus is the third Guardian Raid boss you'll encounter in Level 3. It requires an item level of 880 to access as well as defeating all the previous Guardian Raids in Lost Ark.

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Calventus is not a super-difficult Guardian Raid mostly due to the fact that the boss has no wipe mechanics. However, it is highly mobile and stacks multiple armor debuffs that can become problematic. Here's a complete guide to Calventus.

How To Defeat Calventus

Calventus has no wipe mechanics, but it is a very mobile boss that can be difficult to land sustained damage on. Here's a rundown of mechanics and attack patterns, as well as the two different phases in the battle.

  • Cleanse the armor debuff after 3 stacks - use a Panacea potion to cleanse it, or party up with a Paladin or another class with cleansing abilities.
  • Like other Raids, Calventus has a Charge move that you can counter - wait for the boss to glow blue and time your counter skill.
  • Calventus has two phases. The transition between phases happens after around 4-6 minutes, or after you send the raid boss to another area of the map.
  • During Phase Two, Dark Orbs will appear on the map. Don't let Calventus absorb these orbs - more than four and Calventus becomes empowered, dealing extra damage.

Attack Patterns and Mechanics

  • Back Leap - during phase two, Calventus leaps backward in the air and releases tornadoes. These apply the Armor Debuff.
  • AoE Impact - Calventus disappears off-screen and then drops to the ground with a massive AoE attack - avoid the red circle.
  • Rain - AoE attack that moves in a spiral from the boss. Easy to avoid if you watch for markers on the ground.

Other attacks include a body slam, a tail whip, and an orb attack where Calventus fires orbs from its head.

General Tips For The Fight

Here are some general tips for the Calventus battle.

  • The main problem you'll face in the Calventus fight is when the Dark Orbs begin to spawn in the second phase of the fight.
  • You must destroy these orbs when they spawn. If Calventus is able to absorb more than four orbs (they move slowly toward him) the boss will become enraged, dealing more and more damage.
  • Other than that, Calventus is quite a straightforward fight. Bring Panacea potions for the armor debuffs, HP pots for regen, and Flares.

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