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Welcome to Hildebrandt Palace in Lost Ark. This is a 460 gear score Abyss Dungeon with multiple boss fights and stages that include some punishing wipe mechanics.

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We won't waste your time here - we know what you're here for. Here's how to defeat the Phantom Legion Queen and Brelshaza.

Phantom Legion Queen Fight Mechanics

You've already faced the Queen in the storyline, and the mechanics are pretty similar. The wave rolls in, and you have to jump through a mirror to teleport to the other side. Simple? Yes! But more complex in the Abyss Dungeon.

  • The waves are color-coordinated. You need to match the mirrors together to make sure you appear on the other side AND make sure you get the timing right.
  • Don't go through either of the other mirrors.

The only other major mechanic here is the Queen's spinning attack - it looks like a giant sphere around the boss, and it rotates in a clockwise fashion from the first empty pizza slice.

Brelshaza Boss Fight Mechanics

The second boss you come up against is Brelshaza. She's got one major mechanic and a few Stagger checks you need to beat.

First Phase

First up, is the major "rolling" mechanic. This is where the entire map tilts and big balls start falling down the arena. You need to dodge these. One member of your party will have a meteor target appear on them - they need to walk next to the boss to end the sequence.

Second Phase

The second phase is about Stagger checks and another wipe mechanic.

First, save your High stagger skills for when Brelshaza gets crushed by the big demon. These are pretty tight values so make sure you're holding on to your Stagger abilities for when you need them. If you're struggling to hit the Stagger requirements, definitely pick up the Whirlwind grenades before you go into this dungeon - they're super useful.

Secondly, the wipe mechanic. This one is a bit trickier. One member of your party will have a white X on them. All other party members will now carry a light. All other players should aim at the player with the X on them. Do this correctly and Brelshaza will drop a massive explosion on that spot, giving you enough time to get out of the way.

  • The final mechanic also spawns a golden circle BEHIND another party member. As well as all other players shining their light on the X, the X player must also be stood in the center of this new circle. You can see this in the picture above.

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