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Lost Ark has a handful of Abyssal Dungeons, each of which challenges your own skill and your group's ability to cooperate effectively. Road of Lament is one of these many dungeons, and it is unlocked as tier two content. It is the first of two Abyssal Dungeons under the greater Ark of Arrogance dungeon, the base level of which you run through as part of the main story questline of Yorn.

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Road of Lament features two bosses to take down, with the catch being both of them have one-shot attacks that can wipe youre entre team if you're not careful.

While some other notable mechanics will be covered, their one-shot mechanics will take the spotlight. Their basic-attack patterns will not be covered due to their extremely low levels of impact in the fights.

How To Unlock Road Of Lament

There are three simple requirements you need to meet in order to have access to the Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon:

  • Be level 50 (which you should be by the time your reach Yorn anyway, so this one’s no big deal).
  • Have completed the Yorn main story questline (specifically the quest “Stop Velcruze”).
  • Be at least item level 840. The Level One Yorn Chaos Dungeons only reward item level 802 gear, so you’ll have to do some honing to get yourself up to 840.

Road of Lament can reward tier two accessories, engravings, and card packs, but if your item level is 1,325 or higher, you will receive diminishing rewards.

You will not be able to gain gold or engravings, and while you’ll still get the tier two materials, they won’t be very useful on your tier three character. The only reason you’re really running this dungeon at this point is for the card packs (or to carry a friend).

Road of Lament Challenge Mode

The Challenge Mode for Road of Lament is on a rotation with the rest of the Abyssal Dungeons, and will reward you with fitting loot for your tier level. All you need to be is level 50 and item level 960 to enter, and don’t think you can stomp through it at an absurdly high item level: the Scale of Harmony adjusts your item level to avoid such situations.

First Boss: Nazan

Nazan is the first boss of the Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon, and truth be told, most of this boss really comes down to dodging his basic attack patterns (he’s a big fan of line-attacks). While he’s got a few, none of them are high damaging or specifically difficult to avoid, but there’s one particular mechanic to look out for that can easily one-shot you and wipe your group.

The Carousel mechanic is Nazan’s big one. This occurs twice during the fight, once at eight health bars and once at four (he has ten health bars total). You will know for certain that the mechanic is starting because Nazan will run to the center of the area, create a safe zone for you to stand in, and begin channeling reddish-black beams out of both his hands. Then, as the name of the mechanic implies, he will spin around.

Keep in mind he can change directions at any given time, so don’t think you’re safe just because you’re outrunning it at first.

There are two possible variations of this mechanic:

Inner Ring Safe Zone

The first variant of the Carousel mechanic is when the safe zone is an inner ring, immediately around Nazan. The rest of the area will be flooded with his reddish-black blood magic.

Outer Ring Safe Zone

The second variant is the inverse of the first one. Instead of the small ring immediately around Nazan being the safe zone, it’s the kill zone. Make sure to keep your distance from him. But, there’s an additional bit here that makes it trickier.

Nazan will mark some of you with a target above your heads, and after a short delay, two circular area-of-effect fields will spawn beneath you, one after the other.

They will stick around for the duration of the Carousel mechanic, so try to drop them close to each other and near the outer edge of the map. That way, it’ll be easier for you and your party to safely traverse the area and avoid Nazan’s death beams.

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Second Boss: Kyzra

Kyzra is the second and final boss of the Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon. Like Nazan, her basic attack patterns are relatively simple, as it just comes down to you dodging most of them. But also like Nazan, she has a single one-shot mechanic that, unlike him, requires cooperation between you and your group members.

Pre-Boss Fight Preparation

Before even getting into the mechanic itself, prior to starting the boss fight, you and your group should know what positions to take, as all four corners of the map must be covered.

Usually, players will say “x3,” meaning the clock position you take should correspond to your group number, multiplied by three. For example, say you’re number two in the group. Two times three is six, so you should cover the six o’clock position on the map.

Part One Of Wipe Mechanic

Kyzra makes her way to the center of the area and emits red shock waves around her immediate vicinity. After a few of those, she begins sending out gold and red orbs in all directions, the gold ones traveling slowly and the red ones traveling more quickly.

You need to run into three gold orbs in order to gain a golden aura around yourself that will help you in the second part of this mechanic.

If you run into a red orb, you need to run into an extra golden orb to compensate for that, otherwise, you won’t get the golden aura around you.

Part Two Of Wipe Mechanic

Now, this is where your assigned spots become relevant (though you already should’ve gone to them during the first part of the mechanic). Large red orbs will spawn all around the area (they are much larger than the ones that spawned in the first part) and will slowly travel toward Kyzra. The only way to destroy these orbs is with your golden aura.

The group cooperation comes in because if a single red orb reaches Kyzra, at the conclusion of the mechanic she wipes your entire party with a large red shockwave. Thus, it’s essential that all of you get your golden auras, stick to your assigned quadrants, and kill every red orb nearby. If one player doesn’t get a golden aura in the first part, dividing the area into thirds and clearing the red orbs that way is doable, though significantly more difficult. If two or more of you don’t get the golden aura, it’s a wipe.

Kyzra’s Notable Non-Wipe Mechanics

  • Stagger check: During this, Kyzra will send out four shock waves. Failing the stagger check before she sends out the fourth shockwave won’t result in a party wipe, but it’ll hurt quite a bit.
  • Backstab: Kyzra will teleport out of sight, summon some red lightning strikes, and then teleport back and try back-stabbing one of you. If she succeeds, she’ll summon a small red aura around her that deals damage, making it super annoying for your melee party members to DPS her.

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