Leaks warned us that Need for Speed Unbound would feature photo-realistic cars but anime-styled visual effects. We got a hint of that with the introduction of Unbound’s characters, including an anime version of A$AP Rocky. However, the cartoon aesthetic doesn’t end there. Unbound’s latest trailer reveals your realistic car can have some very unrealistic features.

Today's 30-second teaser trailer confirms your vehicle can have comic-inspired visual effects, including colored tire smoke, speed lines, and a mess of streaks, splotches, and anarchy stars that come firing off as soon as you put the pedal to the metal. EA showcased a number of different styles that you can adopt, including one where colorful speakers appear after activating your NOS and another where winged checkerboards float just beside your rearview mirrors. These effects appear during certain player actions, such as skidding around a corner or launching your vehicle airborne, making Unbound look like it's actually set in the Spider-verse rather than a fictionalized version of Chicago.

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Although Need for Speed has never been about realism, some might find these anime effects to be a little over the top. Luckily, players can turn those effects off if they really want to.

"Yes, you can turn the effects off," wrote EA immediately after the trailer was released. "In fact, you can choose to never put them on in the first place. Just like any other part of a car."

Unbound's comic book-inspired visuals seem to be a nod to Need for Speed Underground 2, a game where the story is told through comic book cutscenes. Add into the fact that Unbound seems to be similarly about illegal underground street racing, and Unbound might just be the Underground sequel we've all been waiting for.

While Unbound will have over 140 cars, it won't have Toyota, Hyundai, or Audi. That means no R8, no Corolla, no Stinger, and no AE86. EA didn't offer any explanation as to why these brands are missing from Unbound, but hopefully they'll show up later with future DLC. Need for Speed Unbound arrives December 2.

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