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Lost Ark's endgame features a wide range of activities that will satisfy casuals and hardcore players alike. Tower is one of Lost Ark's simplest yet more rewarding activities at lower tiers, providing a ton of Engraving books, potions that enhance your character stats, and collectibles that you can redeem for various rewards. And if you clear this on alternate characters, you'll gain a nice surge in upgrade materials.

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There are two variants of Tower you can clear at launch: Shadespire (T1) and Fatespire (T2). Each Tower features 50 floors and can only be completed solo. For those willing to climb Shadespire and Fatespire, here is an overview of how Tower works and the rewards you can expect.

This guide gives an overview of the Tower activity and its rewards. For guides on how to clear each floor, consult the guides here.

Updated April 3, 2022: We've updated this article to include a helpful video guide that teaches you everything you need to know about Tower in Lost Ark.

What Is The Tower?

Tower Overview
Tiers 1-2
Players 1
Daily Cap None
Catch-Up Mechanic None

The Tower is an endgame activity where players attempt to ascend 50 floors that get progressively harder. This activity only supports solo play, and the item level requirement gets progressively higher as you ascend. Each floor contains a unique challenge you must complete within a given time limit. These challenges can range from killing monsters to surviving against an onslaught of enemies. Should you die or the timer reaches zero, you'll need to attempt that floor once again. You can leave and return to the Tower at any time.

Unlike Cube and Boss Rush, Tower doesn't require any tickets or currency to enter. Rewards for this activity focus mostly on progressing, giving you tons of Engraving books, XP cards, and even skill point potions. Since this activity doesn't have any daily limits, Tower has no catch-up mechanic. There are two variants of Tower for the NA version of Lost Ark: Shadespire and Fatespire.

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Unlocking The Tower Activity

The Tower activity unlocks upon reaching level 50 and completing the "Public Announcement Tower" guide quest. Once you've met both requirements, enter any major town and look for the Tower symbol on your map. In North Vern, it's located at the northwest corner of the hub town.

This is where you'll find the Tower. Interact with it to select which Tower you'll clear and which floor you wish to start at. Each floor will showcase its objective, time limit, rewards, and item level requirement. You can enter any floor you've previously cleared. Remember, you can only run this activity solo, so be sure you have good skill Tripods and Engravings before you begin.

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Progressing Through Tower Floors

Item Level Requirement
Shadespire Fatespire
Min: 302 Min: 802
Max: 540 Max: 1,040

You'll start at the first floor of a given tower and must progress upward. Each floor will have an objective, time limit, and reward tied to it. Rewards will vary if it's your first clear or a subsequent clear on an alternate character. We'll cover the specific floor challenges and rewards in each Tower's respective guide, but here's a general rundown of what challenges you can expect:

  • Defeat all monsters: Self-explanatory
  • Defeat the boss: Self-explanatory
  • Survive: Avoid enemy attacks and crowd control effects
  • ???: These are typically boss fights, but they can vary based on the Tower type

When you enter a Tower, you'll spawn within a Battle Workshop that refreshes your battle item uses and allows you to swap your slotted battle items. Some floors require you to use these items, so we highly recommend you bring healing potions, panacea potions, and scarecrows. Have some damaging grenades in your inventory as well, as some Tower objectives can only be completed by using grenades.

Each floor takes place in a rather small arena with little cover. We recommend that you bring one or two movement skills to help you avoid AoE and projectile attacks.

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As we mentioned earlier, the rewards from Tower depend on if it's your account's first clear of the activity or a subsequent clear. Your first clear will grant Engraving books, stat-boosting potions, and even skill potions if you get far enough. Subsequent clears will typically grant upgrade materials that bind to your character when obtained.

You might want to complete your first Tower on an alternate character, as the upgrade materials you receive on a subsequent clear can prove useful for increasing your main character's item level. The stat and skill-boosting potions obtained from your first clear are applied to all of your characters, so you lose nothing from doing this.

Shadespire Rewards

Shadespire houses over a dozen T1 Engraving books to enhance your character, five potions to increase your stats—two of which grant skill points—and various collectibles. Every item obtained from Shadespire can be found below.

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Fatespire Rewards

Just like Shadespire, Fatespire is an excellent source of T2 Engraving books and upgrade materials. Fatespire Tower also includes five potions—two of which give skill points—and the 13th Giant's Heart collectible.

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Tower Guides

If you get stuck clearing either of Lost Ark's Towers, consult the guides below. We cover the mechanics of every floor and give some tips on how to trivialize each encounter. So long as your item level is high enough, there's no reason not to give Tower a try.

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