One of the many great things about Lost Ark is that most of the progress you make on your main character is shared by your alts through the Roster system. This allows you to avoid having to repeat the many massive grinds that you’ve already sunk hours and hours of time into. Instead, you may simply enjoy the fruits of your labor on new characters and experience the game through the perspective of a different class quite easily, without much fuss.

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Before diving into which systems are Roster-wide, it is important to make one thing clear: your Roster is server-bound, not account-bound. In other words, the shared progress of your Roster does not extend to any character you make on a different server.

10/10 Life Skills

Every good MMORPG has some form of profession system, and Lost Ark is no exception. Your progress in these professions, or, as the game calls them, Life Skills (Foraging, Logging, Mining, Hunting, Fishing, Excavating) are most certainly roster-wide.

The best part about this is that your level in each one is not the only thing that carries over to the rest of your roster: the tools you use and the materials you farm out with them both carry over to your alts as well.

9/10 Stronghold

Your Stronghold is, thankfully, roster-wide. There are a plethora of different systems unlockable through your Stronghold, so this is definitely something you don’t want to be sleeping on.

A guide can be found for this wonderful feature here, but just remember, although all upgrades in your stronghold are roster-wide, you first need to unlock the Stronghold on your new characters. This can be done simply by learning your first song (“Song of Escape”), which unlocks the sheet music tab, thus unlocking your “Song of Hearth and Home.”

8/10 Currencies

Most of your currencies are, in fact, roster-wide - most notably your silver and gold, both of which have their balances shown on the bottoms of your bags. However, most other currencies are also roster-wide, like Pirate Coins and Stones of Providence (those things you use to buy rapport gift chests).

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It is important to note here that there are also currencies that are not bound to your roster, namely shards (Shards of Life or Shards of Harmony, for example). An easy way to tell if it is bound to your roster or the single character you acquired it on is to check if it says “Bound” or “Bound to Roster” on the currency’s description. If it only says “Bound,” then the character who’s got it is stuck with it.

7/10 Rapports

You can rest easy here, as you don’t have to earn your way to each Rapport’s heart more than once. The only real caveat is that you can only claim the rewards from your Rapports once (not once per character).

Another great thing about Rapport progress is that the gifts you collect for them are bound to your Roster, so if you want to hoard those you’ve collected individually and through chests to dump into a single Rapport, you can most certainly do that.

6/10 Collectibles

One of the truest forms of endgame content—collectibles—is most definitely roster-wide. That means everything in your collectibles tab, from Island Souls to Mokoko Seeds to Ignea Tokens to World Tree Leaves (and more) have roster-wide progress.

So, don’t be afraid to station an alt on one island just to collect its soul while you’re off doing anything else on your main. At least you won't have to do it all over again.

5/10 Virtues

Virtues are very important for character progression, especially when it comes to Rapports, as in more cases than not, they require a certain amount of a given virtue or virtues in order for you to begin building your relationship with them.

That said, the four virtues—Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, and Kindness—are roster-wide, meaning you don’t have to grind them out on each character.

4/10 Sheet Music, Cards, And Emotes

While these three systems might be considered collectibles, they do have their own tab, making them somewhat more unique. That said, all of them are indeed roster-wide, so don’t forget to plug in your cards of choice upon making a new character.

Also, there are some quests throughout the main story that give you the option to use certain emotes to interact with various NPCs; emotes that you will not have upon seeing said quest for the first time, but can very well have upon your second, third, or fourth time around, so don’t forget to look out for those either!

3/10 Adventurer’s Tome

The progress of everything in your Adventurer’s Tome (Vistas, Hidden Stories, Special Monsters, etc.) is roster-wide, and gives rewards at every 10 percent interval of total completion. These rewards, like those of each Rapport, can only be claimed once per roster, not character.

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It is important to mention that most of the things in this grandiose tome are repeatable, which means that even though you’ve completed all the dungeons in a given zone, it doesn’t mean that you can never do them again. Rather, your credit for having completed said dungeons is what is roster-wide, so feel free to run the same dungeon, kill the same boss, or look through the same vista again.

2/10 Cosmetics

Pets (a complete guide for which we have here), Mounts, and Titles, once learned, are accessible by your entire Roster. However, while your pets and titles are accessible immediately upon the creation of a new character, your mounts are a different story.

But, fret not, for all you need to do is complete the quest “Town Where Light Lingers” from Brother Alfael in Prideholme, which is one of the first quests you get upon arrival to this quaint town.

1/10 Ships

Your chief way of traversing the vast seas of Lost Ark is your ships. Naturally, everything related to it is roster-wide. Therefore, your ship’s skins, sails, and crew-members, once unlocked for the first time, are bound to your roster.

Also, once you upgrade one of your ships to the next level, that is roster-wide too. As with previous systems, however, when leveling a new character, you need to first reach the part of the main story quest that unlocks your ship in order to use it.

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