It happened again - an Amazon MMO has too many players. Lost Ark fans in Europe are reporting that the game is unplayable right now, with long queues and performance issues gating off progress. On top of that, the only fix that developer Smilegate has provided so far requires that they give up their characters, and start the game all over again.

The Lost Ark subreddit is full of frustration, as even when players are able to get into the EU Central server, lag often makes it unplayable. The lag means that there is a long delay between selecting an option, and that selection actually registering. At which point, it doesn't work. With matchmaking issues, players are also left to go through the game solo, halting their progress.

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To address this, some are calling for the server caps to be lowered. Of course, this would make the queue even longer, but it would at least make the game playable for anyone who does get to join.

"Restart the servers, reduce the population caps, do whatever you have to do, just make the game PLAYABLE!", says one player on the subreddit.

"People are spending 4 hours in queue, only to get into the game and be unable to use any sort of instanced content", says another. "No chaos dungeons, no abyssals, no pvp, nothing. If it requires queueing, it doesn't work 99 times out of 100."

Paul Tassi over at Forbes has also been experiencing issues. He reports that he's never had to queue over on the NA server, but has done in Europe almost every time. He believes that the worst problem that Lost Ark faces is matchmaking not working, since this will hold players back from progressing in the game.

Any new players who want to dodge these problems can join the new EU West server. Of course, this leaves anyone who's been playing since day one caught between a rock and a hard place. Sure, you can hop over to EU West - but you'll have to ditch any progress you've made in EU Central. With any luck, Smilegate will roll out a fix that is less inconvenient than starting over again.

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