Lost Ark isn't due out in North America and Europe for another two weeks, but it's been making waves in South Korea since 2019. And those waves seem to have crested pretty well over fans since they've banded together to thank the developers with crowdfunded ads at a nearby subway station.

We have Reddit user and Lost Ark player jae-shin to thank for these photos (and translations) taken at Pangyo Station, which is the nearest to developer Smilegate's HQ. The ads, which were funded entirely through donations and cost roughly $20,000 USD, feature personal messages from players thanking the developers for their continued work on Lost Ark.

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"Thank you so much to the developers of lost ark who made unforgettable happy memories," reads one ad. “We are enjoying Lost Ark and will continue to enjoy it!"

According to jae-shin's post, the ad campaign was funded in just three days and was finalized with the help of 11,000 volunteers. That gratitude isn't stopping at mere ads either as "various cheering gifts will be sent to about 600 developers" on January 28. Presumably that last bit will be in-game, but perhaps not.

This reminds me of the time a similar thank-you message was sent to Hello Games three years after the release of No Man's Sky. That message hit a little differently since Hello Games had worked tirelessly to regain the trust of fans after a disastrous launch. Lost Ark had a perfectly fine launch, which tells you how good the game is if fans are eager to purchase ad space for a thank-you message.

Even though Lost Ark isn't due out until next month, our man Harry was able to get into the closed beta, and he's got a bunch of guides to help you hit the ground running when Lost Ark arrives on February 11.

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