Overwatch 2 launched with no shortage of issues. From gameplay bugs to the controversy surrounding its new battle pass, the release period probably hasn't gone as smoothly as Blizzard would have liked. And now, for Xbox players at least, it just got even worse.

Numerous players on Xbox One and Series X/S are getting kicked out of games whenever they get achievements. As soon as you hear the achievement sound, the game disconnects, kicking you from your match and sending you back to the title screen. This effectively means Xbox players are getting punished for playing well, and being removed from their team if they make the best use of their character's abilities.

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As you can see over at the Overwatch subreddit, many Xbox players are reporting that getting an achievement causes them to be disconnected from the game.

Worse yet, the bug was first noticed on launch day, and is still in the game. I was booted from about half of my games last night for scooping up achievements, and it seems that many other players were too. So don't go too hard on anyone who suddenly leaves your team mid-match - it might not be their fault at all.

Until this is patched, the only real fix would be to intentionally avoid getting achievements. Unfortunately, this would mean not playing your character that well at all, which might just annoy your team even more. Other than that, if you're not playing on Xbox, it's probably a good idea to turn off cross-play for the time being. That way, you can avoid having us unfortunate souls on your team until a fix is rolled out.

In case you were wondering, no, it seems that turning off achievement notifications doesn't help. Players who have tried this say that they are still being kicked from matches, so it doesn't seem to be an issue with the Xbox interface. The problem isn't currently on Blizzard's list of known bugs, but with so many reports, it's likely there will be a fix soon.

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