Whether you've actually managed to play it or you've been sitting in what feels like an eternal queue, there has been a lot of focus on Overwatch 2 this past week. That focus isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and it seems some of you fed up with waiting for the queue to get shorter will be able to celebrate the sequel's arrival at McDonald's pretty soon.

That's according to a teaser posted from McDonald's Australia. The Aussie branch of the Maccy D's empire posted a generic image of the Overwatch 2 logo with nothing more than “coming soon” along with it. No indicator as to whether the crossover will infiltrate its happy meals, jazz up its burger boxes, or if Ronald McDonald will be getting a makeover.

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Hell, perhaps the collaboration will work both ways and Overwatch 2's next heroes will be crossover characters from the fast food kingdom. Nothing like grinding for 500 hours in order to unlock the Hamburglar. That seems unlikely (the crossover characters, not the massive amounts of grind), although, with an M rating in Australia, which means not recommended for children under 15, a Happy Meal-centric team-up also seems unlikely.

While Overwatch might have a rating that makes it unlikely we'll be seeing Kiriko as a Happy Meal toy anytime soon, Mario definitely does not. Ahead of The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer last week, an image leaked by a McDonald's employee showed a first look at the plumber in the movie. Since then, what appears to be a still-unrevealed Mario Movie calendar may have also given the world its first look at Movie Peach, and hinted at a Mario Kart scene in the movie.

Back to Overwatch 2, and while a lot of people have been playing, or at least trying to play, the sequel, it has been plagued with issues. OG players have reported their cosmetic items not making the jump to the new game, and many have been unable to play at all due to what has quickly become an infamous phone issue. The investigations into Activision Blizzard's toxic work culture accusations are also ongoing, something Xbox has pledged to improve should its merger with the studio go ahead.

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