MultiVersus revealed earlier today that Stripe is joining the roster at some point next week, but developer Player First has now gone one step further and revealed Stripe's class as well as a partial moveset.

In a new card revealed by the MultiVersus Twitter account, it's been confirmed that Stripe will be an Assassin joining the likes of Arya Stark, Harley Quinn, and Finn from Adventure Time. We also got descriptions of a few moves that Stripe will be able to pull off in fights as well, and it seems like he could be a ranged/melee hybrid of sorts.

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For example, one of Stripe's moves has him using his claws to deal some damage with a long combo, while he can also use his chainsaw to bound forward and damage those in front of him. If you find yourself at a distance with Stripe, he also has a handy weapon that can be simply fired off for a speedy projectile attack, or he can target opponents for a bit more range. Of course, these aren't his only moves and we'll likely get a more detailed breakdown of his entire moveset in the coming days.

As for when Stripe will be added to the roster, an exact date hasn't been pinned down just yet. It's worth noting though that previously added characters like Rick and Gizmo were either released or meant to release on Tuesday, so it's possible this could be the day that Stripe joins the fight as well. That's just pure speculation though, but we'll keep you updated on Stripe's actual release date when it's announced.

In other MultiVersus news, the game's official soundtrack was recently released on several streaming services, but an unreleased track included in the list called "Come On Down to the Warner Bros. Lot" has fans speculating that Player First is either planning a stage based on the iconic Warner Bros. Water Tower or that an Animaniacs crossover could be on the cards.

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