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The Battle Tested weapons are some of Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent's best weapons for endgame fights. However, finding and acquiring them can be difficult. The Battle Tested Spear can be obtained from an Energetic Old Woman in Rippletide, but you'll have to fight her for it.

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The Energetic Old Woman is a powerful boss, and it will take some careful planning and team composition considering if you want to take her down. Let's take a look at where to find this boss, some suggestions for your party, and a basic strategy for beating her.

Where To Find The Energetic Old Woman

The Energetic Old Woman can be found in Rippletide, in the building to the right of the Smithy. Unlike other Battle Tested NPCs, you will need to be Rank 22 in Power to interact with her.

Battle Strategy

The Energetic Old Woman is weak to bow and fire attacks. She will use multi-hit and front row attacks, which can apply a lot of damage to your party if you're not careful. Later in the fight, she will cast Celerity, allowing her to act twice in a row on her next turn. This buff can be devastating, but it can be avoided by breaking the boss before she has a chance to act.

For this fight, we recommend bringing at least four hunters, preferably ones with multi-hit bow attacks like Scarcrow, Lucetta, and Bertrand. If you're lacking multi-hit bow attacks, bring universal shield-breaking thieves like Wingate, Cless, or Heathcote, who can consistently break the boss's shield.

An example party for fighting the Energetic Old Woman.

Units that can target the boss's weakness to fire will also be especially useful in this fight. Lynette, who can also buff your party's damage, and Viola, who can debuff the boss, are two notable examples. Peredir is also a good choice.

To work around the boss's high damage attacks, bring a tank character like Gilderoy or Tressa that can draw the attacks of the Energetic Old Woman. If you have enough multi-hit attacks and a strong tank, you may not need a healer, although bringing one in case of emergencies can't hurt, if you can spare the party slot.

Finally, bring your strongest damage-dealing unit that will deal the majority of your party's damage to the boss when she is in the broken state. Preferably, your damage-dealer will have attacks that can target the boss's weakness to bows and fire, but this isn't necessary.

Luckily, there are several low-rarity units like Ashlan, Lucetta, and Peredir that can reliably and consistently deal good damage to the boss.

Overall, your strategy for this fight will be to apply and reapply your buffs, debuffs, and aggro-drawing abilities as much as possible, while hitting with your multi-hit bow attacks to break the boss's shield. When she is broken, fully boost your main damage-dealers strongest attacks and let loose for high damage. Repeat this process a few times, and the Energetic Old Woman should go down.


The Battle Tested Spear has a low chance to drop from the Energetic Old Woman when you defeat her with Contend or Impress. When Contending, she will drop a Historic Material that can be traded in for any Battle Tested weapon at a later date. You can only Contend with the boss once per day.

By fighting the Energetic Old Woman with Impress, you will be able to defeat her as many times as you want, with each fight having a chance to drop the Battle Tested Spear. However, using this method, you won't gain the Historic Material.

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